The newly launched ParkLock system receives high praise from customers.

The amazing new parking system, ParkLock is receiving high praise from customers who have tried it for themselves.

Online PR News – 08-August-2013 – NSW, NSW – Protecting a private parking space outside an office or home has become extremely easy as a result of the brand new system, ParkLock. The company launched its new system recently has been receiving high praise for this highly effective way of using modern technology to protect reserved parking.

The new system givesbusy drivers a way of creating a super intelligent and extremely efficient park barrier to protect their parking space. Drivers all over Australia have been praising the convenience of the new system which was invented using state of the art technology. It is a system which stops any cars or vehicles from attempting to occupy an individual’s personal parking space. Whatever the space is used for, commercial and business premises, office parking, or even outside homes, the new parking lock system is protecting their space beautifully, customers are saying.

The system creates a barrier to stop any unauthorised vehicle from parking in a customer’s spot or blocking their cars access it. As a result, especially in busy cities, it is becoming increasingly popular. And all the praise it is receiving is making it a sought after item for motorists all over the country. The company reported that international sales are also growing as the top reviews and news of the new system spreads around the internet. There is little doubt that this is going to be extremely popular since protecting reserved parking is something that in the past has been extremely difficult to do.

The parking lock uses a highly sensitive ultra-long-range infrared remote control, and this controls the up and down motions of the lock. It was designed and built specifically to be able to handle a massive two tons of pressure, so customers know that they can rely on it to remain secure and strong. The battery is also very long-lasting providing uninterrupted use for three months on only one charge.

The company have uses its expertise and technological know-how to create it using die-casting molding, which enhances the strength and reliability of the lock. All the feedback from satisfied customers who have been trying the new system,indicates that it is extremely easy to use, install and in just a few minutes, is up and running. Customers are also reporting how attractive the device is, as well as extremely strong and durable. The company is delighted that the ParkLock has become so popular and that it is meeting customers’ high standards. The entire system underwent rigorous testing before it was launchedto make sure it could handle the rigors of everyday use.

For such a long time, drivers have struggled to protect their personal parking spaces. Especially within large towns and cities,it can be difficult to keep your own reserved parking free from unauthorised vehicles. The system has been expertly designed to help drivers easily and simply protect a parking space. It is an amazing device which is grow in popularity and is sure to become a best seller very quickly.

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