One Women's Journey To Stay Cancer Free

Natalie Blumberg is delighted to announce the launch of her new blog Natalie’s Journal

Online PR News – 08-August-2013 – Quakertown, Pa – One Woman’s Journey to Stay Cancer Free: Local Women Launches Blog
Quakertown, Pa-August 7, 2013
Natalie Blumberg is delighted to announce the launch of her new blog Natalie’s Journal. Natalie’s documented experience since receiving results from a genetic test for cancer is both something to share and celebrate. Her blog will act as a way to educate and gain insight on the basics of cancer prevention and early detection.
Blumberg, born and raised in New Jersey, now lives in Bucks County, PA with her daughter.
On this blog, readers will share the events firsthand of her life regarding the results of the BRCA tests, her surgeries, recovery and the challenges that lay ahead.
Blumberg’s doctor Nicholas Taylor, a gynecologic oncologist with St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem called Natalie courageous for making the decision to take drastic measures to reduce her odds of developing cancer. “It takes a lot of courage to say ‘I ‘m going to consider removing both my breasts,’ “ he said. “That’s a big step for a woman her age. That’s a really hard decision, and I really applaud her.”
Natalie’s blog conveys an abundance of unique insight including interviews, family history, pro-active options and other related content. Each post, usually fewer than 600 words shares stories and photos, future posts will include video. The blog features easy navigation of topics, comments and social media platforms.
“I have to say I am a very happy person, I feel very blessed,” she says. “Life has not been easy. I have fought many battles that sometimes leave scars. Sometimes not. I look at the upcoming months as just another battle or two. And you know, it is ironic because although I know the impending battles will leave all too visible scars, they will bring me healing and peace.”
By creating this blog Natalie hopes to provide a valuable resource of information for her readers, family and future generations who will all benefit from a deeper, more personal documented experience of one woman’s journey to stay cancer free.