Magna Carta Holy Grail and the New Rules of the Knights Templar

Magna Carta Holy Grail, by Jay Z, offers a creative look at the history of the world and the impact of the Holy Grail.

Online PR News – 08-August-2013 – brooklyn, NY – The year was 1215, and a group of men in the heart of England had decided to do something that, until that point, had rarely even been considered. Working together, the powerful Barons of England worked together to force a document onto their King that specifically limited his powers. This document, which came to be known as the Magna Carta (or "Great Charter", when translated from Latin) ultimately became the foundation of some of the most influential systems currently in place... But as written by Markus Rodrique De Richmond and musically interpreted by Jay Z in his hit album "Magna Carta Holy Grail", there is much more to this situation than is apparent at first glance.

In his book Kimbiza Santo Cristo: The Return of the Holy Grail, Knights Templar, and Grand Dragon, De Richmond examines the history of the keepers of the Holy Grail and, more specifically, their relevant bloodlines and ancestry. Modern science has revealed a number of interesting details about the bloodlines of the Knights Templar and the Barons who forced the King of England to sign the Magna Carta. Most interesting is the fact that a particular set of genes has been identified that links these men to the West Africans who in the 12th century conquered the entire Iberian Peninsula, and, in the name of the witch's cauldron that came to be known as the Holy Grail, penetrated as far north as Yorkshire and Scotland.

Magna Carta Holy Grail, the musical interpretation of De Richmond's book and ideas, delves further into these subjects and focuses on the elements that matter the most. Throughout the album, a number of controversial topics and situations are explored, including the idea that the Magna Carta was a farsighted way to reduce the power of white Christian culture as a direct result of the African bloodlines working on the document. However, it's not enough to look at the past, and Jay Z hasn't stopped with just the things that have already happened. Just as relevant are the things that will happen in the future - and this is exactly what De Richmond has taken into account, looking at the rules for the future.

Within his book, De Richmond suggests that there will be new rules, based on the Holy Grail itself, that will bring down white Christian society entirely. Instead, following the year 2012, new rules will be put into place that allow black men to be the rulers that represent the Egyptian deity Horus, and Jay Z continues these very same thoughts with a look at the Illuminati agenda.


Kimbiza Santo Cristo is the thought-provoking work of Markus Rodrique De Richmond, with an introduction by Stephen J. Ash, offering a look at how the Holy Grail of the Knights Templar has been preserved. Kimbiza Santo Cristo is also the inspiration for Jay Z's album "Magna Carta Holy Grail", and is published by Dark Dynasty Books.


Originally released on July 4, 2013 by Roc-A-Fella and Roc Nation, Magna Carta Holy Grail is Jay Z's twelfth studio album. The album was certified as Platinum the day it released physically as a result of strong initial sales, and features contributions from a variety of artists.

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