Now there is a neck pain pillow to correct Forward Head Posture (FHP)

Among the various lifestyle disorders, Forward Head Posture (FHP) emerges as a very serious condition causing many discomforts that people face these days.

Online PR News – 08-August-2013 – Ardsley, New York – Often blaming the condition on a hectic lifestyle, little do sufferers know that the pillow they use for a peaceful sleep at night can aggravate this well documented health risk. brings a ground breaking therapeutic pillow that is designed to effectively address correction of this condition while supporting spine and nerve system recovery.

As FHP is a common problem, sufferers can choose from a range of restorative pillows. However, even the most popular orthopedic pillows are not effective enough to address the problem of different sleep positions. It has been observed that the best pillows for neck pain fail to give adequate support to both side and back sleeping positions.

Here is where fills the gap. Designed by Dr. Allan Weisberg, a doctor with 30 years of experience in treating spinal related conditions and injury prevention, has created a computer designed, biometric "pillow alternative." With a unique, patented biomechanical design, The HeadRight® is the only pillow that offers the ideal support for optimum spinal alignment.

FHP is a result of failing posture as a person carries his/her head in a forward position. Common causes of FHP include: sleeping on a flat pillow, sitting before the computer for long hours, driving, looking down while reading and several other daily activities that we cannot evade. This health condition can damage nerves and create stress on the brain stem and entire central nervous system and this often leads to several health problems like arthritis, herniated discs, blood pressure problems, reduced lung capacity and much more.

The HeadRight® is the only pillow with the ability to place its three perfectly contoured surfaces in the correct alignment to perfectly support side and back sleeping positions. Apart from helping correct FHP, this neck pain pillow can be used to improve spinal alignment, reduce pressure and stress on the nervous system, improve spinal range of motion and flexibility, prevent spinal injury as you sleep and provide better, healthier sleep.

Branded as the "smart pillow," The HeadRight® comes as the perfect solution for back and/or side sleepers suffering with FHP. The support offered by this unique and patented neck pain pillow has done wonders for patients struggling with this problem. You can visit for more details.

About The HeadRight®

The HeadRight® is a "smart " therapeutic cervical pillow developed by Dr. Allan Weisberg, a New York City Chiropractor who has successfully treated thousands of patients with neck and back ailments for 35 years. The pillow is designed to ideally support both back and side sleeping postures, a unique feature which most cervical pillows do not offer.