MOS Enhances Document Management and Visualization with Quality CAD Conversion Services

Managed Outsource Solutions seamlessly converts documents in PDF and paper format into 3-D format for easy visualization.

Online PR News – 07-August-2013 – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Tulsa, Oklahoma: Managed Outsource Strategies (MOS) is easing construction design and project management with quality CAD conversion services. This established Oklahoma based business processes outsourcing company is offering quality CAD conversion services to enhance document management and visualization for engineers, architects, and other construction design professionals. These exemplary solutions are allowing the company’s clients to focus better on their core activities and save the time that would go into re-creating and converting drawings to 3-D format.

Regardless of type or volume, this professional document conversion company can convert drawings easily and quickly into CAD format. This outsourcing company has the advantage of a low cost, highly skilled work force with access to domain knowledge, advanced infrastructure, and the latest technologies to offer CAD conversion at affordable cost and within minimum turnaround time.

The company’s CAD conversion team can assure quality drawings featuring high resolution. All types of prints, sketches, scans, drawings, logos, photos, and PDF files are converted to accurate CAD format. In addition to JPEG to CAD, TIFF to CAD, PDF to CAD, large-sized paper to CAD, and blueprints to CAD, MOS can also convert documents into file formats such as CCITT Group IV, TIFF Group IV, CALS, RLC, PCX, Intergraph, DWG, DXF and more. Services provided also include raster to vector conversion and image or vector data cleaning.

The CAD conversion solutions that MOS provides retain the original features of the drawings while ensuring a consistent basis for further development. Clients can expect to enjoy benefits such as
• Conversion to CAD perfect geometry
• Documents compliant with AutoCAD software
• Time saved for digitizing tablets, redrawing, copying and printing of documents
• No more misplaced drawings and documentation
• Solutions that meet location/state drafting rules and standards
• Stringent quality control processes
• Assured security and confidentiality
• 24/7 customer service

The company’s CAD conversion services are designed to prevent design project delays and avoid cost overruns. MOS offers a free trial to help potential clients check out the productivity and integrity of its document conversion service.

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