Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Offering Advanced Breast Reconstruction Solutions

Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery offering safe and effective breast reconstruction solutions

Online PR News – 07-August-2013 – Texas – Houston, Texas: Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, a reliable plastic surgery center based in Houston, Texas, is offering effective breast reconstruction for women who have had a mastectomy. The procedures offered here help patients to improve breast shape, resolve loss of breast volume, correct congenital breast abnormalities, and set right breast asymmetry. Dr Sean Boutros, the skilled plastic surgeon who heads this surgical center can offer safe and effective solutions for these issues.

This surgical center offers two options for breast reconstruction: using autologous tissue or with breast implants.

The method using autologous tissue, called DIEP flap breast reconstruction, uses the skin and tissue from the abdomen to reconstruct the breast. Specific blood vessels supplying the DIEP flap are attached to the blood vessels in the chest. No muscle or fascia is removed from the abdomen and therefore the patient is not in risk of hernia. A patient who already had an abdominoplasty or liposuction to remove excess tummy fat is not a suitable candidate for a DIEP flap procedure. In this case, the surgeon may recommend a TUG flap procedure which uses tissue from the inner thigh, or an SGAP and IGAP in which tissue from the gluteal area is employed for breast reconstruction. Regardless of the method employed, the second stage of the procedure involves the recreation of a nipple and areola.

The implant method involves simpler technology and less donor site issues. Tissue expanders and breast implants are employed for reconstruction. An expander prosthesis containing a sterile fluid is first used to expand the chest skin and soft-tissue. It is placed in the site at the time of the mastectomy. Sterile fluid is injected into the expander at periodic intervals spread over a few weeks. After the desired expansion is achieved, the prosthesisis is removed and the proper breast implant is inserted.

During the initial evaluation, Dr. Boutros decides on the appropriate method based on anatomical factors and other considerations. In addition to personalized treatment and care, patients undergoing this Houston breast reconstruction surgery procedure can expect to benefit from negligible surgical trauma, minimal pain and discomfort,
faster recovery, and superior follow-ups.

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