MDL Partners Announce New Service Offering for Entrepreneurs

MDL Partners, a firm providing outplacement and career consulting services to thousands of clients around the globe,

Online PR News – 07-August-2013 – Wellesley, MA – WELLESLEY, MA; HARTFORD AND STAMFORD, CT; WASHINGTON DC…

has recently announced a new service offering that caters to executives who would like to consider, or already are considering, the entrepreneurial option.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and executives who have participated in or led ventures which have been sold, gone public, restructured or simply grown too large may also be seeking new entrepreneurial opportunities. MDL Partners helps these executives through the entrepreneurial decision; reduces the personal, professional, and financial risk; and increases the likelihood of substantial entrepreneurial reward.

MDL Partners provides:

·Professional advice and guidance
·Personal and professional assessment of a potential entrepreneur’s skills, financial resources and risk tolerance
·Identification of entrepreneurial opportunities
·Business planning
·Ongoing consultation and guidance, review and recommendations

“Many executives with successful track records in larger corporations realize that job security derived from the size and stability of the company no longer really exists. They have developed the skills and desire to 'run their own show' and now see the entrepreneurial option in a much more favorable light,” explained Tom McNeil, the company’s president.

He continued, “As a successful entrepreneurial venture itself, MDL Partners helps entrepreneurs identify the best opportunities and then build upon them.”

About MDL Partners
MDL Partners is a worldwide organization that provides professional career consulting and career management services as well as entrepreneurship consulting to executives. Founded in 1986, MDL Partners has provided services to over 5,000 clients around the world and has grown to four locations on the East Coast. MDL Partners' headquarters is located at 20 William Street, Suite 100 in Wellesley, MA. The company also has offices in Hartford and Stamford, CT and Washington DC. For more information, contact 877-864-3932 or visit their website at