TrustPort Antivirus uses the most effective methods of malware detection

Recent tests conducted by Virus Bulletin and AV-Comparatives have demonstrated which particular antivirus products belong amongst the current world leaders.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – Measuring the detection of viruses, worms, trojans and other malware, the best results in both cases were achieved by TrustPort Antivirus. The tests also showed that success was achieved thanks to both traditional methods, which are based on a database of malware samples, and proactive methods, which take into account suspicious behavior or structure of unknown viruses.

The May test conducted by AV-Comparatives focused on proactive detection capabilities of submitted software. This test used samples of malware collected during one week after the last update of the twenty examined antivirus products. TrustPort Antivirus detected 80% of worms, 71% of backdoors, and 55% of trojans. With the overall detection ratio of 63%, it surpassed all other products tested, and it once again received the prestigious AV-Comparatives Advanced+ award.

As shown in this test, antivirus solutions are increasingly successful in heuristic and generic detection, and are thus ceasing to be only dependent on virus updates. This is good news in terms of risk reduction between the first occurrence of the virus and its first documentation. Nevertheless, conventional scanning remains the cornerstone of security solutions, which all testing laboratories account for.

Virus Bulletin included the usual measurements in its June test, including on-access scanning, on-demand scanning, system resource usage, reactive and proactive detection. Also in these tests, TrustPort Antivirus passed without hesitation. “Detection rates were pretty stratospheric, with an awesome display in the reactive and proactive sets which could well be our highest ever score,” comments John Hawes, final report author, on the success of TrustPort Antivirus.

During on-demand scanning, TrustPort Antivirus detected 100% of in-the-wild viruses, 98.95% of worms, 100% of polymorphic viruses, and 97.55% of trojans, while not causing a single false alarm. During on-access scanning, the results were even better; the product captured 100% of in-the-wild viruses, 99.07% of worms, 100% of polymorphic viruses, and 97.66% of trojans.

But the greatest success was scored by TrustPort Antivirus in the testing of reactive and proactive detection. Using reactive methods, the average detection ratio of 99.17% was reached within three weeks, while proactive methods revealed 79.10% of malware within a period of one week. The overall detection rate reached 94.16%.

TrustPort Antivirus thus overtook all competing products in reactive and proactive tests, including many renowned and established brands. This confirms the long-term trend of products like TrustPort Antivirus or TrustPort PC Security becoming a welcome alternative to the customers, an alternative being cheaper and more efficient than the products of more traditional antivirus manufacturers.