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Despite all of the different body weight workouts already available, most of the Bodyweight Flow reviews all agree that Tyler Bramlett's workout works. But is it really good?

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Central Point – There is a new workout program that is unique in its approach to muscle activation and fat burning that fitness expert Tyler Bramlett has put together with Sylvia Favela. The process is called Bodyweight Flow, which will instantly burn fat 21% faster than other methods by using unique methods with three-minute ignition sequences.

The Body Weigh Flow team reveals in the program three metabolic secrets that are not even spoken of by most trainers. Many people are not satisfied with the results that they are getting with their normal workouts. They seem to be doing everything right, and they are working hard, but the results just aren’t there. And according to the Bodyweight Flow people, it’s not their fault.

People have different metabolic rates, different genetic backgrounds, which all have to do with the effectiveness that comes out of a specific workout. These experts have come up with a method that is scientifically proven to burn fat 21% faster and the result is that the time spent working out is maximized discussed further here.

Most of the fitness workouts are misleading because they leave out a major factor that if not addressed, will block many people from achieving the results that they are looking for. Many workout systems and programs are very good at selling their materials that may or may not prove as effective as a person desires. Then when it doesn’t work as effectively as expected, they sell something else in the guise that maybe the individual needs something more.

There are three secrets that must be mastered, or a workout program turns out to be just so much sweat and not much in the way of results. Bodyweight Flow is the sole creator of the MiS technology, or the Metabolic Ignition Sequences system of working out. Featured are the 2 to 3 minute sequences that are the secret to the whole system.

This is a totally new way of thinking that most workout regimens and “experts” leave out or don’t even know about. Most people who leave these sequences out of their workouts will never achieve maximum results.

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There have been studies performed on the MiS system of workouts and they have concluded that people who use the MiS methods in their workouts boost their oxygen consumption during the workout and experienced an increase of upper body strength, speed and flexibility. These factors also enhanced the effectiveness of the total workout. (This is referenced from The Journal of Sports Sciences, Vol. 19, Issue 9)

There are three key principles that must be included in any workout in order for it to be successful.

1. Specific control of contraction – emphasis is on 100% of the contraction control during the workout, which provides a higher burn rate for calories, and a higher degree of muscle tone and metabolism rate. The secret of using this specific point is the incorporation of movements during the workout that forces the contraction of specific groups of muscles that is appropriate for the individual that maximizes the contraction capacity of those certain muscles.

2. Strategic Motion Range of the muscles. Most exercises have people moving around a lot, but they don’t concentrate on a person’s range of motion. If the range of motion is limited, one gets limited results. Unlimited range of motion equals unlimited results. The most effective way to increase range of motion is to perform specific exercises that maximize this range as promoted by the MiS system. This must be done very specifically without compromising contraction control.

3. Coordination Is King. Since contraction control is vital in maximizing a workout’s effectiveness in increasing metabolism, and contraction control is important as well, then the ability of the individual to coordinate the movement of their body around these two other factors is critical. If a person fails to have the ability to coordinate their movement around a set of exercises, then the ability to contract fully and utilize a full range of motion is impossible.

The entire Bodyweight Flow program is built around a specific set of exercises that are scientifically coordinated to give the results desired because of the intensity of the 2 to 3 minute exercises. This short time frame allows for recovery, and allows the next set to be accomplished with maximum results. The program can be accomplished by anyone who is dedicated and desire to burn fat and increase strength in the best possible way.

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