Do Cool Sh*t: Very Uncool Book — Health Violations at Author's Restaurant

New York Journal of Books reviews Do Cool Sh*t and uncovers what's not in the book: her restaurant for lactose intolerant, gluten free, and vegan diners was briefly closed by New York City Dept. of Health for Healthcare violations.

Online PR News – 07-August-2013 – New York, NY – New York Journal of Books reviewed entrepreneur Miki Agrawal’s just released Do Cool Sh*t, noting the book was full of complications.
In particular the review cited a number of health violations that ultimately led to the temporary closure of author Miki Agrawal's restaurant, WILD, in April of this year.

But what was most troubling about the book was that while promoting the author's restaurant WILD as a healthful restaurant for those requiring a pizza for the lactose-intolerant, glutton free and/or vegan diner, since April of 2010 the restaurant has racked up numerous substantial health violations with New York City's Department of Health.
These violations eventually resulted in the brief closure of the restaurant in April 2013—just months before the release of her new book. Do Cool Sh*t includes nothing about WILD's health violation record or its closure.

The Department of Health itself is quoted, noting that in a hearing the owner of WILD admitted to violations. These included the presence of vermin and contaminants on clothes of staff.

So why isn’t this information alluded to in the book as a cautionary tale?

While offering a nod to the inclusion of a certain amount of useful information, on the whole New York Journal of Books found Do Cool Sh*t written like a "long text message" with substantial passages of limited worth. Overall, the review suggested readers pick up The Founders Dilemmas, a book it considered much more useful to any entrepreneur.

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