Feng Shui Global Launches New Website for its Online Store

Feng Shui Global is the largest feng shui resource on the Web (www.ifengshuiglobal.com; Twitter: @iFengShuiGlobal). We are a retailer of finely crafted feng shui and Asian home decor items and offer a wide variety of products. In addition, we offer a range of other services to our customers, including a monthly newsletter; a blog containing feng shui articles, tips and guidance; and our Ask Our Experts feature, where customers can send in their queries on how to incorporate feng shui principles into their home, office, or other spaces.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui originated in China and it is as old as the culture itself. It is centered on the notion that positive energy, or Chi, permeates the world and environment around us. The practice has been around for thousands of years and is still practiced in China and many parts of the world to this day.

Feng shui is the art of placing and arranging matter and space in the correct manner such that harmony with the environment is achieved. The proper achievement of harmony is crucial as it can affect many areas of one's life, including health, finances, relationships, and other areas. In essence, we are compelled to make our short life easier and more comfortable, and our surrounding environment can change the way we feel and think. Feng shui can bring prosperity, health, peace, and comfort.

There are many enthusiasts around the world following feng shui, and seeing a difference in their lives because of it. Follow feng shui ideas and make your life more beautiful.

Our Products

For feng shui followers and those who want to channel positive energy into their environment we offer many kinds of Buddha statues, feng shui cure kits, dragon statues, dolls and Chinese woods. Buddha statues come in a broad range of laughing, money, jade, bronze and other types of Buddhas. Our doll figurines come in different styles and brighten up your living space. We are always adding new products to our selection, so be sure to check our site frequently.

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What sets Feng Shui Global apart from other retailers is the shopping experience we provide our customers. Shipping is free on orders over $100, with a small shipping fee applied to orders below this amount. We also recognize that customers may experience some hesitation when purchasing products over the Internet, given that they cannot touch and feel the products. To address this, we offer a 365-day money back, no strings guarantee. In paying for shipping and extending this year-long guarantee, we remove all risk from your shopping experience.

We strive to go beyond supplying your product needs, by offering the widest variety of resources on feng shui on the web, including our blog (updated daily); a monthly newsletter, where you will find great information as well as coupons, discount offers, and special announcements; and our Ask Our Experts feature, where you can submit your questions and other requests for advice and information about feng shui, application of its principles, and related topics. Come visit us today at www.ifengshuiglobal.com!