Online Quiz Contest - Loot Draw Gives More Reasons to Join It
08/06/2013 provides a little more reasons to go for it. Actually, the site offers more lucrative awards for the participants.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Delhi – New Delhi – provides a little more reasons to go for it. Actually, the site offers more lucrative awards for the participants. The online quiz contest is quite reputed and gives several awards to many contestants. Clearly, the website tries to give more and more benefits to the player. In the starting, it proffered mobile phones, vehicles, digital camera, gold coin and so on. Though, the entrepreneurs were not fully satisfied with it. Hence, they added some more rewards to attract the contestant and give more profit as well. Now, the portal offers HP printer, Hero electric bike, Reebok sunglasses, Jaguar Classic perfume and free t-shirt.

This news is quite good for every quiz enthusiast. All the offered prizes are very useful. A professional team of the online platform decides the things to offer as goodies. This unit tries to know what it hottest in the market and after their approval, the reward is displayed.

Any Indian adult can join the game. It is mandatory to sign-up with the portal. In order to register, the participant has to fill the provided e-form. The contestant has to type the name, address, e-mail, contact info, age, nationality and so on for entering the game. Well, the whole process takes only a minute. Moreover, the asked fee is nominal that makes it affordable for any person.

Lootdraw team tries to promote the knowledge based quiz contest. Owing to the reason, the portal puts-up very easy queries to the participant. All the queries are general knowledge based and the person, who reads newspaper daily, can give the reply in no time. Even four options are given with the question that makes it just a child’s play for the contestant to become an achiever.

Moreover, a timer is given for the assistance. It tells that by what time the entrant has to provide the correct reply. So, if the contestant does not know the correct answer, he can get the help of some pal or the Internet. Hence, there is no probability that the contestant would choose the wrong alternative. This website is one of the finest means of infotainment. is exploited by the people to test their knowledge. 24 awards are offered by the website and all of them are quite exclusive and useful. Additionally, the portal has given awards to many people and still looking for more title-holders.

Loot Draw
Preet Vihar,
Delhi, India