Office Desk of the Future Launches Expanded Distribution

Home Concept announces affordable cure for “Sitting Disease.”

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Watertown, WI – Watertown, WI-Home Concept is helping America fight the dangers of sitting all day with the widespread release of the popular Speedy Stand Up Desk. This portable work surface sits on top of your existing desk, and lets you easily transition from sitting to standing in seconds.

Standing is the Fastest-Growing Workplace Movement
The hottest workplace trend in the post-internet world is the “work-standing” movement. But most stand up desks cost $500 - $2,000, beyond the reach of most companies and office workers. The Speedy Stand Up Desk is specifically designed to let skeptical workers experiment with the stand up work life affordably. “We insisted on delivering a quality stand up desk below $100 so the average person could try the sit/stand workstyle,” said Steve Brielmaier, president of Home Concept. “Every day we love to hear stories of how our SPEEDY STAND UP DESK has improved our user’s health and happiness.

America Suffers from “Sitting Disease”

America sits too much and it is starting to cause real health problems. To find out more, read on here

The Benefits of Standing Up at Work Improve circulation
1.Less Back and Leg Pain
2.Increased Energy level and productivity.
3.Improved posture and core strength.
4.Lose weight.(Seriously.Standing DOES burn 20% more calories than sitting.)

Changing Positions is Key

Practically speaking, most people don’t want to divorce their office chair. They just think it’s best to ’see other people.’ Brielmaier continued, “A desk that forces the user to stand all day is too intimidating for most of us. Rotating between sitting and standing is critical. But you will only do that if it is quick and easy.”

About Home Concept

Home Concept has created innovative Furniture and Lighting solutions since 1994. The SPEEDY STAND UP DESK was created out of necessity by Steve Brielmaier in 2003. Due to a sore back and leg pain, Steve found it difficult to sit for long stretches, so he developed the first stand, then refined and tested it. Searching for a way to produce the stand so it would be affordable lead to initial production in 2010. After 2 years of limited distribution and product refinement, the Speedy Stand Up Desk is ready for nationwide distribution in 2013.

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