Phony Replica Watch Dealers Unmasked by ReplicaRating

ReplicaRating clarifies that the problem has become so widespread that such active countermeasures are essential to prevent phony replica watch sellers from marketing their wares on the web.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – ReplicaRating is a reputed website that specializes in identifying sellers of fake watches. The replica watch industry is a highly lucrative and popular industry. There are numerous fraudulent service providers in the market. The rot has spread to such an extent that there are many review web sites that merely act as a front for other sites that specialize in selling fake watches and other fake replica products.

According to ReplicaRating, there is a huge difference between a rolex replica and a fake watch. It is not just a question of using different words that are similar in meaning. A replica watch is an almost near imitation that will be good enough to fool even the most experienced watch specialist. On the other hand, a fake watch is nothing but a cheap attempt to cheat innocent and gullible customers of their hard earned money.

ReplicaRating has set up a simple and highly effective plan to identify web sites offering fake watches and distinguishing them from those web sites that offer quality rolex replica and other products.

Individuals are encouraged to mail their experiences - good and bad along with details and proof of purchase. Replica rating goes further than just publishing the opinion. It proceeds to verify the details of the transaction and tries to determine whether the buyer was indeed cheated of his or her hard earned money.

Once ReplicaRating is satisfied that a fake watch has been sold under the description of a replica watch, it shall simply specify the details of the transaction along with the name and identity of the website that sold a fake claiming it to be a rolex replica.

ReplicaRating also points out that there is no alternative to customer vigilance. However, mere vigilance, without support of other surfers of the web and technical knowledge that can be supplied only by an expert, is of no use. A practical and pragmatic approach is to join forces and combine opinion, facts and expertise to come up with the best counter to fraudulent service providers.

Details of different websites, good as well as bad, are available on ReplicaRating. The benefits offered by this site are not restricted to a mere statement that the website is good or bad. Details relating to various features, facilities and options offered by replica watch dealers are also explained in detail.

ReplicaRating understands that there is a lot to purchase of replica watches than mere identification of genuine websites and sellers. This step is just the first one. The rating site provides more than ample description of all that a customer can expect from various sites. .

Visitors need to work through the catalog, check the pictures, go through various tips, hints and tricks provided to help people identify genuine replica watches and distinguish them from fakes. Gifting a fake watch can be a very embarrassing experience. ReplicaRating ensures that replica enthusiasts never have to face such an embarrassment again.

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