FemiScan : The Painless Risk-Free Way To Cure Female Incontinence At Any Age

Medical science has proved that as a woman gets older her pelvic floor muscles get weaker.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – California, USA – Medical science has proved that as a woman gets older her pelvic floor muscles get weaker. This means that bladder movements are more urgent than they used to be in her earlier years . This should not be a very serious problem although for some ladies it can lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations sometimes in public because of urinary incontinence. It is for these that FemiScan by http://medtechnologygroup.com was designed. When a woman cannot control her bladder, her quality of life seriously deteriorates because she is unable to interact with other people outside her home without fear. This affects her social interactions and can make her a prisoner in her home. The increased level of stress can aggravate the problem even further.

FemiScan is a device that is used to monitor and measures the female pelvic floor muscles to find out the causes of urinary incontinence in females and get a proper working solution for their treatment. Usually solutions involve special exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles enough to control bladder movements like a normal person. FemiScan is a very beneficial solution for the treatment of urinary incontinence for a number of good reasons. Studies have proved that using FemiScan as many as 8 out of every 10 women are lucky enough to get their continence back and this continence increases to its full capacity in almost all the cases. This can be the life enhancing solution for many females home-bound because of bladder incontinence.

Unlike other surgical solutions which leave scars and sometimes side effects, FemiScan is totally painless and risk free. This makes it more acceptable to many women who would prefer a more natural solution to their problems. These days, unlike earlier times, people are more willing to work with solutions that are more organic and less artificial for their overall long term health. FemiScan is very simple and easy to operate for female users of all walks of life. It is one of a kind in the market place and perfect solution to female problems caused by ageing.

This self administering private device is also more economical than medical or surgical solutions. It is a home based remedy and does not require the presence of a doctor or nurses to administer. Even if a person opts to use it at a clinic of their choice, the overall cost is still lower. This makes it affordable over a wider audience and especially for the less economically empowered of the female gender. For females who have given birth several times, they have the greatest danger of suffering from bladder incontinence later in life. FemiScan can be used in between deliveries to keep the vaginal muscles toned and strong enough to hold the bladder in check even when it is full. This is because the bladder is squeezed during pregnancy and child birth to give way to the expanding uterus causing it to weaken.