T & J Designs, Inc. Launches Its New Website, Making The BellyBra¬ģ Available Directly Online

The BellyBra¬ģ ‚Äď the original Maternity Support Tank with Back Support for Pregnant women, is now directly available for purchase directly online from T & J Designs.

Online PR News – 05-August-2013 – Denver, CO – Well beyond what common maternity support belts provide, the¬†BellyBra¬ģ¬†provides all-over maternity support and RELIEF for women's breasts, back and abdomen. Many women have commented on the ‚Äúsnug and safe‚ÄĚ feeling the¬†BellyBra¬ģ¬†maternity support belt provides with its gentle, always-there assistance. The maternity belly-band incorporated into the¬†BellyBra¬ģ¬†is to fit snug and comfortable, not tight or binding. The secret is in the back panel. It stretches in one direction, up and down. The non-constrictive, two-inch bottom band lifts weight off the pelvis, distributing weight equally between the shoulders. This helps to relieve backpressure and back pain! With the correct size, the¬†BellyBra¬ģ¬†can relieve the simple pains brought on by pregnancy.

And now the BellyBra¬ģ¬†is available directly online, at the company‚Äôs own website, BellyBra.com, as well as through the company‚Äôs Facebook Fan page.¬† This allows pregnant women to directly shop for a variety of colors, as well as take advantage of coupons and discounts available. Linda Turner is the BellyBra¬ģ inventor and owner of T & J Designs Inc/ the company that now ¬†distributes the BellyBra¬ģ¬†all over the world.

‚ÄúThe BellyBra¬ģ¬†is a bra that actively supports a women‚Äôs belly throughout her pregnancy ‚Äď it equally distributes weight between the shoulders, and is non constrictive,‚ÄĚ said Linda Turner. ‚ÄúIt lifts the weight off the pelvis and has no straps, hooks, or velcro ‚Äď giving a pregnant woman gentle, always- there, every day support.‚ÄĚ

To learn more about The Original BellyBra¬ģ, the company‚Äôs new website, www.bellybra.com is now online. To read the posts and stories from women that have benefited from its use, the company‚Äôs Facebook page is also avaiable at http://www.facebook.com/BellyBra. There is also a YoutTube video explaing the product in detial located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrZtwIx3AeI.

About T & J Designs, Inc.
T & J Designs Inc., owned and operated by Linda Turner, inventor of the BellyBra¬ģ, ¬†offers the product directly online, as well as through several distributers worldwide. To learn more about the product, contact T & J Designs Inc and Linda Turner via info@bellybra.com, or call directly at 303-271-1147, or toll free at 888-913-8177.

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