Capital Liberty News: A New Media Outlet with a Focus on Business, Finance and Tech

Capital Liberty News is the latest news media outlet that will provide readers with unique analysis and reportage on an array of business, finance and tech topics by our professional team of writers.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Toronto, Ontario – Capital Liberty News has been launched and will offer its readers in-depth analysis, news reports, extensive profiles and tremendous insight by our team of professional writers and experts into the latest companies, brands, organizations, entrepreneurs, trends, books and industry news.

With an objective to highlight the ventures established by businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals, Capital Liberty News aims to bring back peace, commerce and honest news to the media landscape through its objective reportage of business, technology, finance and economics.

“After being in journalism for nearly a decade, I understand first-hand what reporting has become and how the free market, capitalism and private enterprises are vilified by the general public as well as by my former colleagues,” said Andrew Moran, the editor and publisher of Capital Liberty News and a former professional journalist.

“Capital Liberty News is also experimenting on content variations. For instance, our sponsored content initiative will give companies a venue to share more than just a product but also information and entertainment that readers and consumers value.”

In addition to our analysis, the writers, such as Leigh Goessl, Samna Ghani and Jay Sherman, will collaborate with businesses to convey the brand’s knowledge, information and recommendations through branded content. This new form of branded content is one of the many innovations made in the online media landscape and Capital Liberty News is looking to capitalize on the concept.

With so many talented writers in the United States and Canada, it’s become a very competitive marketplace. This is why it accepts content submissions from interested authors, who have articles pertaining to our niche.

“Content is king,” noted Moran, “but the writers are the ones who generate the content that is deemed to be king. Writers work with content and information every single day of their professional careers, which is why we want to tap into this market and encourage these experts to consider submitting their content to us.”

Capital Liberty News maintains the latest press releases, frequently updates its blog section, has a list of resources, including websites and important books, and has news from such content sources as Yahoo! Tech, CNN Money and the Mises Institute.

Whether you’re an admirer of Milton Friedman, a fan of Thomas Sowell, a staunch supporter to the ideas of Ludwig von Mises or a previous voter of Ron Paul, Capital Liberty News has an array of content to suit the needs of all freedom-loving readers and business professionals wanting the latest news.