WordPress Startup, Support Dash, Now More Affordable

Support Dash, a WordPress ticket system, has just changed it’s pricing model for WordPress developers.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Philadelphia PA – Support Dash, a WordPress focused startup, launched it’s public beta just three weeks ago. Now, after iterating through feedback from interested developers, users, and experts, the startup is making alterations to it’s pricing model.

“We want our users to only pay more when they are getting more value from our product. At the end of the day, it’s about serving them,” said co-founder Ben Sibley.

Previously, the helpdesk software was a freemium product offering a free option for one theme/plugin and charging more for each additional theme/plugin developers used Support Dash on. While the support app hasn’t actually moved from a freemium model, the way it charges for usage has changed dramatically.

Support Dash is now priced based on the number of support tickets that developers receive. Developers receiving a small volume of support requests per month will be able to use Support Dash for free, and those using the web app more will pay more accordingly.

Pricing in this manner allows smaller developers to use the full features of Support Dash that larger companies will use without the high price tag. The company is positioned to grow with it’s users and help them provide stellar customer care as they do.

Customer support costs are becoming a real pain point for WordPress businesses. Companies are actively raising prices and looking for ways to reduce costs. As developers build their businesses and their support requests increase, they’ll be able to afford and use the only customer service software tailored to meet their needs as a WordPress developer, Support Dash.

Many developers also contribute free plugins to the official WordPress plugin repository. Support Dash is a low-cost solution that will be entirely free for the majority of these developers. They can continue to use it for their paid products whether they’re plugins, themes, or a combination of both.

Interested developers can visit Support Dash to learn more: http://www.supportdash.com.