VANQUISH: the first non-invasive, no-contact fat reduction device

VANQUISH is the world's first non-invasive, no-downtime and no-contact radio-frequency device with effectiveness approaching many invasive surgical procedures.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Nashville, TN. – Nashville, TN – VISAGE MedArt LLC is excited to announce the launch of VANQUISH, the world's first non-invasive, non-contact, fat reduction system, designed by BTL. The official launch date is August 5, 2013.

Since the very early 1980's fat reduction has become a national obsession. Scientific progress has allowed for a significantly less invasive approach to the reduction of fat. Until recently, aggressive surgical procedures were the “gold standard” that included variations of liposuction.
With BTLs recent introduction of the radio-frequency device, Exilis , non-invasive fat reduction has become the reality. Continuous research and innovations have led to VANQUISH, the first non-invasive, non-downtime and non-contact fat reduction device approaching the effectiveness of invasive surgical procedures.

VISAGE MedArt LLC and its Director, Marek Kacki, MD, are proud to become the very first center in the World to officially launch VANQUISH.

Although VANQUISH was introduced to the scientific medical community in March 2013 during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, VISAGE MedArt LLC had the privilege to test, work with and collaborate in, establishing a safe and effective protocol for this device since January, 2013. VISAGE MedArt LLC and Dr. Marek Kacki was one of only two centers in the World to participate in this study, alongside the researchers from John's Hopkins University. These two centers collaborated with the expert bioengineers from BTL.

This unprecedented approach to non-invasive fat reduction is expected to be introduced very soon around the World primarily by the Plastic Surgeons who previously embraced BTL's exclusive expertise in fat reduction and skin tightening technology.

This unique experience with VANQUISH has allowed VISAGE MedArt LLC to go even further and use it to create a more aggressive and enhanced version of this non-invasive fat reduction method in select patients, that will not be available anywhere else at this time.

Opening in 2007, VISAGE MedArt LLC is a physician owned and operated medical office currently operating in Nashville, TN. Dr. Kacki's unique position in the aesthetics industry was established by focusing on a creative approach to select, unique aesthetic services and procedures including advanced body sculpting and the most advanced injection techniques.


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