Inlife Healthcare Launches Co enzyme Q10 for enhanced Energy and Stamina.

INLIFE health care offers a wide Unique range of dietary supplements to improve health and wellness.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Hyderabad – Ideally, in today’s fast paced busy schedule lives, people hardly fulfill their nutritional requirements of the body following a balanced diet enriched with vitamins and minerals which is a prerequisite for the health and well being of an individual.

In order to help people fulfill their nutritional skip and avoid any deficiencies that lead to permanent illness, INLIFE health care offers a wide Unique range of dietary supplements to improve health and wellness.

24/7 business environment can leave a person exhausted and less healthy. So, to increase energy levels and stamina plus support proper functioning of the heart, INLIFE Health care launches a vital product “INLIFE Co enzyme Q 10”.

Co enzyme Q 10 is an essential enzyme in the body, involved in energy production (ATP) and efficient functioning of the heart. Depletion of natural Co q10 levels in the body with the increase in age calls for its supplementation.

INLIFE Co enzyme Q 10 (Co Q10) is a powerful Anti-oxidant and is vital because of its involvement in electron transport system and formation of ATP in Mitochondria.

INLIFE Co enzyme Q 10 comes in 300 mg chewable tablet form improving patient compliance, especially, tablet phobic individuals.

New studies reveal that co-enzyme Q10 can reduce the occurrence of congestive heart failure.

Generally, heart requires high energy to pump the blood to all parts of the body. Lack of enough energy can render stiffness in muscle fibers making it difficult to bring about contractions and relaxation, which further lead to cardiac diseases.

“Co-enzyme Q 10 is the first medication which is helpful to decrease the rate of heart failure mortality in over ten years and should be included in standard treatment.” Moreover, it is not linked to any undesirable side effects.

INLIFE Co enzyme Q 10 along with conventional drugs can be effective in case of cardiac health.

Daily 900 mg of Co enzyme Q 10 can boost the athletic performances.

There are many findings stating that, taking a 3-month course of coenzyme Q10 supplements could improve semen quality among infertile men and some trails that show it can improve sperm quality in sub fertile men.