Specialized Resource Group Announces New Local Executive, Dignitary and VIP Protection Services

Experienced protection specialists, Specialized Resource Group, have introduced new local executive, dignitary, and VIP protection services for those who need close personal protection.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – USA – Los Angeles, California — Specialized Resource Group has announced new local protection services to ensure the safety of its busy executives, dignitaries, and VIP’s. In a world of increasing danger by global terrorism, kidnapping, stalkers, workplace violence, and rising crime-rates, Specialized Resource Group has stepped in to provide the security that VIP's need. VIP's in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas are encouraged to call these experts in the field.

Because many customers of their Los Angeles private investigator business asked for additional protection services, SRG introduced executive protection in Los Angeles . The addition of these services to their Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego business will mean Specialized Resource Group can better meet the diverse needs of their clients in these regions.

To ensure these new local executive protection services are second to none, SRG has carefully selected individuals with in depth security experience. With highly-trained specialists in executive protection in Los Angeles, SRG is equipped to meet the needs of celebrities, dignitaries, politicians, and VIP’s who require bodyguards in California .

SRG has selected gender and culturally-diverse security professionals from among the top in their field. These dedicated professionals possess decades of experience in Law Enforcement, Army Special Forces, Navy SEALS, and overseas private military contractors. These effective bodyguards in Los Angeles are more than just physically adept; they are also trained in emergency procedures, field medicine & first aid, tactical usage of vehicles, advanced planning, and counter surveillance in order to properly protect a client.

These new Orange County security services and executive protection in Los Angeles services will be tailored to the individual being protected. This will ensure the client can be protected while being able to pursue a "normal" life. Providing discreet but effective close personal protection is SRG’s goal for every client. Each Orange County security services member on the team will work with the client to maintain the highest levels of security and safety.

SRG's top California private investigator and security services will include a variety of elements, including:

• Armed executive protection agents
• Personal Security Drivers
• Electronic surveillance Detection
• Advanced planning and route surveys
• Stalkers Identification and location
• Covert surveillance teams
• Escort of valuable items
• Estate security
• Travel security

With this talented team of most professional private investigators and security service professionals in Orange County, VIP's will be able to relax, secure that they are protected by the best. For those who are seeking professional security services, Specialized Resource Group can provide the same effective solutions that have formerly kept the Royal British Family and former United States Presidents safe.

About Specialized Resource Group:

Specialized Resource Group is an organization of Los Angeles private investigators and bodyguards in Orange County that provide top-level security guard services and executive protection for CEOs, dignitaries, VIP’s, and celebrities as well as investigations. With experience in protecting members of the Royal British Family members and former United States Presidents, Specialized Resource Group can provide security guards in Orange County or private investigators in Los Angeles for almost any need.

For More Information: http://www.srg-pi.com