Million Dollar Hair Art Competition is Now On the Hair Art Network

‘The World’s Largest Hair Art Advertising Competition’ is now being held online at Hair Art Artists are rapidly building a community fit to rival MySpace and Facebook.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – Mr. Ronnie Mac, Owner and Hair Art Pioneer, spent many years developing a system to help bring the Barber and Beauty Industry together. Finally, after years of calculation and preparation, the Hair Art Network was born and is now online. Hair Art Network is located at and is home to the nationwide Million Dollar Show called 'The World's Largest Hair Art Advertising Competition,' as well as, many other programs and events which are currently in the works.

Hair Art Network members are quoted saying “This new network is better than MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook. And since it has the same or better functions as all of them and even Twitter too, this network is the best thing to ever happen to the Hair Art Industry. Great set up.“ With the ability for Hair Art Artists to upload their best Hair Art pictures, video, and all sorts of information about themselves, their business, and their product, the Hair Art Network is said to be the most efficient marketing vehicle to promote the Hair Art Industry. The Network has even put together a Cash and Prize program for all the new member sign ups.

Because the whole Network was built for all Barbers and Cosmetologists in the Hair Art field, Mr. Mac is inviting all barbers, stylist, and Styling Teams to compete in ‘The World's Largest Hair Art Advertising Competition,’ also known as HAAC, for the largest prize in hair show history, First Place $1,000,000. The Hair Art Network plans to start a new trend in the hair show industry with HAAC. This competition is comprised of three main parts; the Online Competitions* (preliminaries) held at, the State Competitions** (semi-Finals) held in each state, and the National Competition*** (Finals) held in Las Vegas. The Hair Art Network will introduce the advertising of real companies and products using Hair Art to the world.

The Hair Art Network is online now and ready for all Hair Art Barbers and Cosmetologists to upload their best work to connect and communicate directly with their Hair Art peers at the same time as they promote themselves to the rest of the world competing in the World's Largest Hair Art Advertising Competition to win the largest prize in hair show history, First Place $1,000,000. (One Million Dollars).