Zeno Dental Introduces Cloud-Ready Database Backend, Real-time Booking in Dental Practice Software

Following the Update which added advanced search ability and quick access buttons, Zeno Dental has recently launched a new update to their dental program incorporating a feature..

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – North Sydney, New South Wales – Along with the recent updates, Zeno Dental (www.zenodental.com.au) also introduces Cloud-Ready Database Backend – their program’s unique aspect. This feature allows their software to provide functionalities beyond the practice of any other standard dental management program.

Since the program was initially designed to be operated in a standalone network mode, the users will now be able to share the information between the programs on different stations. This is highly coveted and essential for the multi-site practices as it enhances service coverage and also promotes the mobility of the dentist and their services. This eventually allows the business to function as a single entity and thereby increases efficiency as well as profitability. If you are one of the Zeno users and wish to expand, switching to such a system can do wonders and wonders for your business.

Taking backup is another important requirement to recover the business when any disaster occurs. With Zeno practice management software; there is a built-in backup process that copies the entire data to a local disk space as per the scheduled time. With increased capabilities, the backup can also be stored in other devices, or at any other location called the off-site storage. Cloud storage is also possible so that the data is instantly available whenever required.

Moreover Zeno also offers an online module that has the capability to directly integrate the real-time with your appointment book. Your patients now can book an appointment choosing available time slots approved by you. With a ready to use module, all you need to do is to ask your web designer to integrate it with the website.

To find out more about the features and how they can be incorporated in your business, you may visit www.zenodental.com.au

About www.zenodental.com.au:

Zeno Dental corresponds to a leading technology solutions provider for dental practices based in Sydney, Australia. The organization provides dental practice management software in a number of countries including Australia, England, South Africa, Scotland, UAE, and Ireland.