Google Apps Backup For Business Projected To Offer Business Continuity

Under the following release, readers are being informed about business backup for Google Apps data service provided by one of the finest software developing firm via their Google Apps Backup application.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Evan Swans, 24 Meadow Town, Florida, USA – Gothenburg, Sweden, August 5, 2013: - The following handout is published with the purpose of introducing users with the Google Apps backup for business offered by Google Apps Backup application. The backup option for backing Google Apps data of official purpose helps in rendering organizations own business continuity even at times of crisis. Most businesses in the present time depend on Cloud Services to avoid taking care of their official data and maintaining them within a limited size of hard disks. But when it isn’t feasible to access the data storage done on Cloud or it disappears suspiciously then a backup is what comes in great use.

Reportedly, Google Apps Backup application has introduced business backup for Google Apps data so that maintaining and offering business continuity to organizations in crisis, becomes possible. “An estimate of one third of data loss is caused to organizations because of solely depending on cloud services for maintaining their data.” As said by the Lab Director, Allegan. The respective Lab Director added as saying: “Business backup for Google Apps data is a way more reliable and guaranteed way of maintaining data security on your own. The service makes sure that business continuity is served regardless of the kind of circumstance you are stuck in; loss of data, unavailability of server connectivity, etc.”

Evan Swans, Director of Product Development was quoted as giving the following statement: “Businesses have become quite serious concerning their data due to which; most have headed towards availing services like Google Apps Backup. Anybody could hack your Google Apps account and misuse content stored within, deletion of a vital document from Google Docs or email from the Inbox could affect heavily upon the business and the entire organization, etc. By maintaining business backup for Google Apps data organizations get the option of simultaneously erasing the copy of backed up data from Server to avoid getting them misused.

Currently, Google Apps Backup tool owned by our esteemed software firm has handled some of large organizational based projects to provide business continuity to them even after loss of data from the Server. Backup is the safest way presently availed by almost every individual around the globe, most especially; organizations to make sure even data stored on online servers is safe.”