Get Bad Credit Bade Simple with Launch of New Website Summary Comparison.

Comparing the best deals on loans for bad credit has never been easier, thanks to the recent launch of a brand new payday and bad credit loan comparison website.

Online PR News – 05-August-2013 – New York – Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of companies providing short term cash loans for people with a poor credit rating in need of a quick fix to cover unexpected bills and loan repayments. loans for bad credit are often the only choice to prevent a car being repossessed or the bank foreclosing on a property due to a missed mortgage payment. Consumers are increasingly turning to short term loan companies to receive an advance on the next paycheck, when money runs out long before the month does.

With a myriad of lenders to choose from, finding the best deals can become a full time job, although the search for reputable providers of loans for bad credit has now become considerably easier thanks to the launch of a new loan comparison website. may be a new site, but the website developers have certainly hit the ground running, with the website containing a comprehensive selection of the top lenders providing loans for bad credit. Visitors to the website can quickly identify the best loan companies, and can easily compare important selection criteria such as APR, minimum and maximum loan amounts, payment terms and user ratings.

A loan comparison which would have previously taken many hours to complete can now be conducted in a matter of minutes. The new website has an intuitive format, and details the most important information which consumers need to know. With APR’s ranging from 651% to over 782%, visitors to the website can make big savings by checking the terms and conditions before making their loan applications.

The sharp, clean interface makes the new website easy on the eye as well as very easy to use, and once loan companies have been compared an application for loans for bad credit can be made with a click of the mouse. When time is of an issue and a cash payment is urgently needed to cover bills and loan payments, the best lenders can be quickly selected and fast applications made.

The website can be seen as both a one stop shop for finding the best loans for bad credit, and a search engine for finding legal loan providers. In contrast to the major search engines, the sites creator has taken great care to ensure that only reputable loan providers are featured.

The lenders listed on the website have been selected based on a broad range of assessment criteria, including the terms and conditions offered, interest rates provided, loan fees charges, customer service availability and the rating given by previous applicants. For a loan company to be included on the website it must comply with state and federal laws, and provide clear explanations about the terms and conditions of borrowing.

To help website visitors assess the providers of loans for bad credit, each is given a review based on the terms and conditions offered, with further company information provided on each loan provider. A click of the mouse will bring up the provider’s credentials, with the descriptions unbiased, truthful and up to date. The websites explains the pros and cons of taking out loans for bad credit to ensure consumers are fully aware of the nature short term payday loans, their intended purpose and the associated risks of missing a repayment.

The short term loan industry has received bad press in recent years and the government has taken steps to regulate the industry, but the fact remains that many Americans are faced with little choice but to take out short term loans until payday to make ends meet.

The website aims not only to provide information on the best deals available, but also to educate website visitors about the key points to look out for when applying for loans for bad credit, and the questions which should be asked of the lender before a loan is agreed.

The benefits of the site are clear for people seeking a quick fix to remedy a short term cash flow problem, and should help consumers get the best possible deal on loans for bad credit.

For further information on loans for bad credit and to compare the terms and conditions of reputable loan providers, visit:

The search for answers to many questions about payday loans was never simpler. For example, the majority of people still believe that their number of social insurance is asked to start solvency check. But the truth in volume SSN is used only for people with the bad credits which are often rejected the main credit companies and banks.

Each company in the list was considered by real clients who passed through's application. For example, to compare prices and the mortgage loan companies, they habitually research creditors.

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