ALS Cleaning Services Announces High Quality Cleaning Service in Aberystwyth

ALS Cleaning Services offers better services with their modern cleaning equipment. The cleaning specialist based in Aberystwyth is delighted to announce a higher level of quality and service that they can offer to their clients.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Wales – Aberystwyth, Wales – 08/05/2013 - The cleaning specialist based in Aberystwyth has good news for people in Mid, West and South Wales. ALS Cleaning Services offers to provide high quality cleaning service with their modern cleaning equipment. The company shared in their website the modern technology that they have been using in their cleaning services. ALS Cleaning Services is one of the few cleaning companies who are using a “Hydra Master” in cleaning carpets. The “Hydra Master” is a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine that is prized for its efficiency and power. It is regarded as one of the best cleaning equipment used by cleaning professionals. ALS Cleaning Services has mounted their “Hydra Master” unto their cleaning vehicles to service clients in Aberystwyth and surrounding areas. They stated in their website that each of these vehicles have an integrated power source which are fully stocked with fresh water. The company explained that it is their desire to give their customer a pleasant and quick cleaning experience. Their new technology allows them to handle cleaning jobs that are difficult, tricky, and dangerous.

Choosing a cleaning a service has been a challenge for many people. Cleaning jobs have also become difficult that it is hard find cleaning specialists that can fix the job. These jobs would require professional experience and modern equipment. Heavy domestic cleaning, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning would require professional cleaners in Aberystwyth. These jobs are too heavy to do manually. It can cause muscle sprain and similar physical injuries. Cleaning equipment is needed especially if the cleaning job is very large. For people in Aberystwyth, cleaning specialists from ALS Cleaning Services wishes to provide solutions for these cleaning woes.

People who are looking for cleaners in Aberystwyth are invited to visit their site ALSCleaning The company hopes to provide high quality cleaning services for clients around Mid, West and South Wales.

About ALS Cleaning Services

The cleaning specialist company is located at 13 Mae Hendre, Waunfawr, Aberystwyth, Wales. ALS Cleaning Services provides a wide range of cleaning services. Visit their site ALSCleaning for more information and contact details.


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