Alberta European Motor Works Introduced New Repair Maintenance Service For Porsche

Alberta European Motor Works has recently introduced a new repair and maintenance service for Porsche of all models, including the Porsche Panamera 4.

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Red Deer, Canada – Alberta European Motor Works (AEMW) is situated in Red Deer, Alberta. This auto service center was previously referred to as Express Automotive Centre. At AEMW, they specialize in preventative maintenance, diagnostics and electronics for European Automobiles of all models. They belong to the rare auto service centers which can provide comprehensive service for BMW, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Land Rover, Mercedes, Volvo and many more.

The soul of a quality auto repair shop is always the trained, licensed automotive technicians who take care of the services and repairs. Technicians decide the success of an auto repair shop. AEMW pride themselves on hiring the best automotive technicians in Alberta. All technicians are qualified and well-trained in up-to-date, automotive technology. They are trained to adhere to all specifications given by manufacturers including BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Land Rover, Smart Car and many more. Porsche Panamera 4 is the latest model they added for repair, inspection and maintenance service:

At Porsche, their tradition is not about standing still it definitely provides the dream of a sports car without the compromising the demands of everyday driving. With luxury and comfort, the PORSCHE PANAMERA 4 has no substitute. The start time of zero to sixty in five point eight seconds delivers power and luxury all at once. A PORSCHE PANAMERA 4 can be customized to your individuality just like each person has their own fingerprint. There is no compromise for your dream of a vehicle that delivers both and is something unique as well as unmistakable. The quality of a Porsche will always deliver what anyone is looking for in a luxury vehicle.

Jerry Pasman, AEMW owner and also a master technician, had this to say about the new repair and maintenance service for Porsche models: “We pride ourselves in being able to provide such a great service for Porsche. With this service, clients who own Porsche cars can easily find a solution from our long list of services including repairs and maintenance, new warranty inspections and an online search for all manufacturers recalls, source and parts provision. We guarantee every client is treated with the same top quality automotive repair service.”

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