BookBullet Launches Ecological Sci-Fi Thriller with Urgent Solutions That Humans May Save The Earth

Debut Block buster, ‚ÄúEscape to Canamith‚ÄĚ Ensures Humans No Longer Have to Bid a Safe Earth Goodbye

Online PR News – 06-August-2013 – Cleveland, OHIO – Every passing minute, at least 51 acres of tropical forests are destroyed, well over 50 tons of fertile soil are washed or blown off crop lands; more than 35, 000 barrels of oil are consumed and conservatively, humans add 12, 000 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. To think that these grave statistics occur every sixty seconds on planet earth and that most of them have changed for the worse, leaves agitated concerns as to whether the earth has not reached an advanced state of dystopia.

Richard Friedman, more concerned with the continued degradation of Mother Nature, recently released his block-buster ecological thriller, ‚ÄúEscape to Canamith: Templeton‚Äôs Ark.‚ÄĚ With this, humans can now reasonably ponder on what happens each time they subject the air they breathe, water they drink, and the soil to all forms of attack.

Set in the Canamith Mountains, ‚ÄúEscape to Canamith‚ÄĚ is a contemporary story of Lila Jetkins, a professor working for the government‚Äôs task force, whose belief of the efficacy of scientific reasoning to address any problem made her fled Canamith years ago to pursue her teaching career. Whether she has made one of her worst mistakes or otherwise is what one gets to find out in this mystery piece.

While his daughter flees to foreign lands, Rex Templeton, Chief Elder of the isolated citizens of Canamith, Lila’s father, is forced to believe that the much-prophesied end of humanity is imminent. While Lila tirelessly searches for answers to this ecological puzzle, Canamith is bent on protecting herself from Mother Nature’s fury; both within the same earth they have once degraded.

Getting his daughter and her family back home quickly enough and closing the safe doors of the Canamith Mountains against the approaching attack make the situation dicey for Templeton. If he delays a bit on either side, the results could be deadly.
‚ÄúEscaping into the village of Canamith took me away. This is a well thought-out story and plot and had valuable amounts of detail, character development and creativity. The settings of the visuals in the story were so vivid and the dialogue was sharp,‚ÄĚ states Jennifer Pradley, of the raving Movie Buff series. ‚ÄúThe adventure mixed with science fiction and fantasy gave me a great feeling and with a few twists and turns, this book was an exceptional tale of heroism, the bond of family and the will to survive: fabulous story, well worth the price.‚ÄĚ

Currently selling on Amazon Kindle with 323 pages and Text-to-Speech feature enabled, ‚ÄúEscape to Canamith‚ÄĚ currently goes for a steal at less than its $12 price tag.
About Richard Friedman:
Richard Friedman lives in Cleveland, Ohio. His admiration of great science fiction writers and deep concern for the continued abuse of the environment in which he lives have made this master piece appear like his 20th New York Times bestseller than his debut master piece.