My Provides Hope to People Who Need God's Comfort

My has poems, songs, videos, essays and artwork to help people open their hearts to feel God's presence.

Online PR News – 03-August-2013 – Houston, TX – My invites people to read and become inspired by the poems on the site. The poems focus on God's love, and they offer poems of encouragement and strength. Anyone who feels downtrodden could use these poems to give them the special spark that is needed to have a more positive outlook in life.

Especially during tough economic times, people should turn to God for comfort and reassurance. The joyful poems on My were developed to provide people inspirational Poems for encouragement. These comforting poems remind readers that angels surround them, and they are never truly alone. The site includes songs that have inspired people through the years. Songs like "Amazing Grace", "Time Keeps Moving On" and "Make Every Moment Count" are meant to give all those who sing them food for their soul and open their hearts to feel the presence of God.

Poems like "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" are meant to help people understand that God forgives people who believe in him, and this particular poem that people who see that they have made mistakes will have God's understanding.

The poems, essays, and songs remind people that they are human, and they are destined to make mistakes. Maybe those who read the poems will not be too hard on themselves, and they will leave the site with the understanding that if God forgives them, they certainly should forgive themselves. Readers can use the words on the site as the basis for their own prayers, because sometimes people have trouble finding the words to talk to God. Although God knows their hearts, they still might want to talk to him. They do not have to necessarily use the words from the poems or songs on the site, but they may find the inspiration to write their own notes to God or talk to him about their personal situations. Talking to God helps many people overcome their fear of the unknown.

It does not matter if the situation seems hopeless, and whenever it appears that there is no chance for a positive outcome in a serious problem, people can turn to God, and he could relieve all burdens and transform the negative into a positive situation. Reading the powerful words and Poems on encouragement on the site might even help doubters believe in miracles and the power of God.

God gives people hope, and the prayer site could remind people that miracles do happen. A miracle might occur in the form of a person getting a job when he or she really needed one. A friend or a family member might send much needed funds, or someone who is sick might be cured from an illness. There is no need to be afraid or feel helpless when God is always nearby. Sometimes people forget that fact, so My Prayers was created to help remind everyone that blessings are just around the corner, and they need only pray to God and fully trust him. The site also contains artwork with images of Christ, essays and videos.

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