Android exclusive social parking application “Parking Karma” ships

Independent developer Jacastapps announced that social parking application “Parking Karma” has been released for free through Google Play™. Parking Karma's main objective is to help people find free parking spots on their cities quickly.

Online PR News – 03-August-2013 – Barcelona – Parking Karma's main objective is to help people find free parking spots on their cities quickly, it presents a unique approach to the problem of finding parking as it is based entirely on its social nature:

- You see a free spot? Share it on Parking Karma!
- Are you leaving your parking spot? Share it on Parking Karma!

Why? Because you believe that this action will improve your parking karma, that other users will do the same when you are desperately looking for a parking spot on the future.

Other parking apps only shows paid parkings, or force users to wait on their spots for another user because he reserved that spot, Parking Karma is much easier and quicker than that apps, users just have to tap a button and a new parking spot is shared to the entire Parking Karma community.

And there is more, you can also share traffic incidents and add useful comments to them (closed streets, accidents, traffic jams...), you will see all incidents near your position so you will be able to take alternative routes to avoid them.

Parking Karma offers a complete set of features designed to make life easier to drivers:

- See and share free parking spots near to you

- See and share traffic incidents near to you (closed streets, accidents, traffic jams, …)

- Get the best route to get back to your parked car

- Get alerted before your parking meter expires

Parking Karma will help you to arrive at your destination at time, find a close free parking spot and help you later to get back to where you parked and it will also alert you before your meter expires to help you to avoid annoying fines.

Designed from the ground up for Android devices, Parking Karma is compatible with all major Android devices with Android 2.2 or higher OS. You can find Parking Karma on Google Play:

Jacastapps is a newborn developer team based in Barcelona, formed by two por dos enthusiasts looking to take advantage of the social potential of mobile devices to create useful applications for users.

You can find more information about this application at