Kelowna Electric Company, Mr. Electric Kelowna, Now Offers the Latest Electrical Upgrade Services

Mr. Electric Kelowna, a Kelowna electrical contractor is now offering the latest in residential and commercial electrical upgrade services to Kelowna, BC and the surrounding areas.

Online PR News – 02-August-2013 – Kelowna, BC – At Mr. Electric Kelowna, they "Have the Power to Make Things Better!" — Offering a wide range of exciting services which can help make a home more comfortable, beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly. All services from Mr. Electric Kelowna are provided by their experienced electrical technicians who were hired for their work background, professionalism and knowledge of electrical upgrades. Mr. Electric Kelowna is committed to constantly upgrading their skills in order to continue to provide excellent service to their customers. Some of their electrical upgrades services consist of;

- Outlet Upgrades
They can help to upgrade the number, or type, of outlets in a home for greater convenience and safety. If there aren't enough outlets for electronic appliances, or if they aren't very conveniently located, it may be time to add a few extra ones. Outlets can also be added to the outside of a home for an easier time with activities such as hanging Christmas lights, or added in a garage for easier access to power tools.

- Lighting Timers
A lighting timer enables improved home energy efficiency without worrying about remembering to turn the lights off. If the kids always forget to turn the lights off or if it needs to look like someone is home even if they are not, timers can be a great solution. Motion activated timers can be used to enable lighting in those dark areas around the house without having to search for the light switch. In addition to greater convenience, lighting timers will help to notice if any people or animals come onto the property. It can also help make a home look occupied if you are away.

- Power Consumption Meters
Power consumption meters enable clear identification of how much power each appliance in a home is using and take intelligent steps to reduce environmental impact. It often surprises homeowners to discover which appliances are making up the majority of their electrical bill every month. With the meter, it can clearly be sees how power is being used in a home, where the biggest contributors are and what steps to take to reduce bills.

- Ceiling Fan Installation
Mr. Electric Kelowna can also install ceiling fans and have it properly wired for optimum performance and safety. It’s not enough to just try to “plug in” a ceiling fan, it requires dealing with dangerous electrical wiring that can be very harmful if handled incorrectly. It’s much easier to have a professional install it in just a few hours and have everything running smoothly and safely with peace of mind.

- Child Proof Outlets and Electric Shock Protection
These outlets are hard to tamper with and reduce the risk of a child sticking foreign objects inside the outlet or getting an electrical shock. It also helps to prevent electrical fires. In addition, it can protect an individual and their children from the risk of electrical shock by using ground fault circuit interrupters.


Mr. Electric Kelowna can be reached at (250) 469-9765 or on their website -- -- for more information on their electrical services.

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