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This site is one of its kind because it is not easy to find India Tiger tour organizers on the market today. They are unique and hence are in great demand.

Online PR News – 03-August-2013 – Nagpur,, Maharashtra – India, 2nd August, 2013 - Gone are those days when people could see Lions and Tigers only in a zoo behind a cage. Disappointed enthusiasts who always wanted to experience these large cats in its natural habitat can now breathe a fresh air of excitement as several Wildlife Sanctuaries have opened up special Safar Camps for people to witness these animals naturally. There are many reasons why this wildlife safari has become a huge success and why it is allowed in the first place. The most important thing that one must understand is that this industry saw growth because of need from both sides. Common people wanted to see the natural habitat of their favorite wild animal and the government wanted some sort of revenue which came from these safari camps.

Visiting a good wildlife sanctuary that has a decent jungle safari service is often a difficulty for people as they are not sure where they should start from. In fact first timers aren’t really sure what to expect from such a safari and thus they are easily fooled by poor safari camps organized by not so professional providers. The problem of plenty has always been a hindrance for people today and the same applies here too as the number of safari providers are increasing given the fact that this industry is seeing enormous growth.

But this problem can now be easily overcome thanks to waghobanagari.com that’s serves to be a total solution of Wildlife safari tours. This site is one of its kind because it is not easy to find India Tiger tour organizers on the market today. They are unique and hence are in great demand. When contacted they take in details of the type of wildlife that you want to visit and by this they suggest the best sanctuaries not only in India but also around the world. Now as if that wasn’t enough they also take care of the necessary tickets and accommodation services require when one needs to tour the particular place. Thus this site goes a long way when it comes to answering problems people face when trying to know more about wildlife sanctuaries and services provided there.

One of the spokesperson had a lot of interesting things to say “When it comes to waghobanagari.com there are a lot of exciting and unique things that you will find. Firstly we organize trips to the wildlife sanctuary in almost every part of the world giving us a distinction that no other site has managed to achieve. We are the best when it comes to Wildlife and Tiger tours India and we provide bookings across all the Tiger Reserves in the country and across the world. We strive to provide every customer of ours a close sneak into the wildlife and the many bounties of nature.”

Started by Mr. Siraj Sheikh in Nagpur which is also known as the Tiger Capital of India, this site provides all the necessary details that you need to know regarding booking of good hotels and guides in and around the various National Parks around Nagpur and the world.

You can find a great deal of information from our site Waghobanagari.com on Tiger Safari in India and if you are a person interested in wildlife and looking for a good wildlife tour package India then visiting the site is all that you need to do.

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