Finer Smiles Offers Services of an Experienced Dentist Birmingham

Dentist Leicester Patients Can Trust Finer Smiles To Do The Job

Online PR News – 02-August-2013 – uk – Birmingham, July 20, 2013: For people in search of an experienced dentist in Birmingham, Finer Smiles is the final destination. They offer a mixture of quality services at affordable prices. There is a huge range of dental services that they can offer to a customer. Hence, it is essential that Dentist Birmingham patients always have a chat, on personal requirements and then proceed. Some of the key areas where they serve patients are dental implants, braces, debentures, teeth whitening, or general dentistry.
The website being detailed allows patients to log in and browse through everything on offer. On most of the instances, competitive quotes are mentioned alongside. For example, a dental filling amalgram cost $47. A single small composite filling costs $59. The quote for a one root canal treatment is $60. For a two root canal treatment the quote is $100. These are cheap by any standards. Their services also extend to preventive measures. A dental examination costs $17. It may be in the form of diagnosis or a small x ray. The patient can even avail a half an hour hygienist treatment. The quote is $27.50. A certain Mr. James mentions as how Finer Smiles have helped him on the road to straight teeth. Mr. Jazz speaks highly of their caring staff.
It is their desire to offer high quality services that has made them a force to reckon with beyond Birmingham. In fact, even dentist Leicester customers can look to gain from their wide range of services on offer. They are also NHS dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is another area where they excel. The patient can always book a free consultation. They try to access the exact nature of the problem and the patient’s requirements before deciding further course of action. During the treatment the finest specialists and the latest in terms of technology will be employed.
About the Company: Finer Smiles have presence beyond the borders of Birmingham or Leicester. Even in Wellingborough, Northampton, or Warwickshire, they are a force to reckon with. They are completely dedicated to the cause and will not rest until the customer is 100% satisfied. Though the brand is a new one, but the team has years of experience to fall back upon. One can always log into the contact page and use the side bar to locate their nearest location of practice. The Birmingham contact details are given below.