Drive Headquarters ( launches 64-bit version online backup software for enterprise

Drive Headquarters ( launches 64-bit version online backup software, optimized for enterprises with 64-bit version of Windows Vista and 2003 server.

Online PR News – 05-August-2009 – – Drive Headquarters, Inc. (, the leading Online Data Storage, Sharing, Backup, Folder Synchronization and FTP Server Hosting service provider announced a new 64-bit version of DriveHQ Online Backup 4.5, the flagship product for secure and automatic online data backup, designed to automatically protect important business data.

Most software applications are designed for 32-bit version Windows operating systems. 32-bit programs usually can run in 64-bit operating systems, however they run in a “virtual 32-bit machine”, thus cannot fully utilize the new 64-bit architecture. As the 64-bit PCs and servers become more and more powerful and popular, DriveHQ has created a new 64-bit version Online Backup software taking advantage of the new CPUs and bigger memory. The previous 32-bit version Online Backup can run on 64-bit operating systems, however, they were not optimized for 64-bit PCs and servers, e.g. it does not support Windows Explorer integration; it also doesn’t support Shadow Copy and cannot support backup of locked files, such as Outlook .pst files, Quickbooks and database files. The new 64-bit version Online Backup now supports Windows Explorer / Shell integration, it also supports Shadow Copy. It can be installed on 64-bit version server computers, which can backup files locked by other applications, such as database files.

The launch of 64-bit version Online Backup software is another leap forward in online backup services. Prior to that, DriveHQ Online Backup software had received many awards, reviews and enthusiastic comments. It was considered top-quality software in its category. Over the years, more and more companies have adopted DriveHQ cloud-based online backup service and they have backed up more and more data. The cost-saving has been dramatic: no more hardware cost, no backup media cost, little IT support, and remote backup from anywhere with offsite security. Many enterprise customers have requested full 64-bit support. The new 64-bit DriveHQ Online Backup 4.5 is ahead of most of competitors, and advances DriveHQ online backup service into large enterprise service market.

As expected, the new DriveHQ Online Backup 4.5 64-bit edition (or x64 edition) software is free. Users and companies can install the software on any number of PCs. The free service has some restrictions. Companies are recommended to upgrade to the paid service.

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