Aids Folks File For Bankruptcy Relief Using Chapter 7 & 13 Plan

Harold W. Wampler III, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Dayton Ohio helps folks and small businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

Online PR News – 02-August-2013 – 8/1/2013, Dayton, OH – Dayton, OH For over three decades, The Bankruptcy Law Office of Harold Wampler III is solving the money problems enabling clients' to obtain a financial fresh start. The office that has been designated by a provision of the new bankruptcy law enacted in October 2005 as a Debt Relief agency serves in the Dayton/Montgomery County, Greene, Clark, Miami, Darke, Preble, Warren, Shelby, Clinton, and Champaign.

"We file bankruptcy cases pursuant to the provisions of the bankruptcy code as enacted. Doing so, we represent clients, individuals and small businesses concerning their monetary problems. Our primary Debt Relief tool under the new bankruptcy law that we have employed for thousands of our clients is the Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation Plan", stated Harold W. Wampler III, the most reputed and praiseworthy bankruptcy attorney in Dayton Ohio.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy law sponsored by the federal government is a special payment plan under the United States Bankruptcy Code. The plan has the ability to stop car repossessions, creditor harassment, credit card lawsuits, home foreclosures and eliminate debt. Using this plan, will stop all pending lawsuits, garnishments and prevent lawsuits from being filed. Similarly, Chapter 7 Plan bankruptcy in Ohio legally eliminates all the unsecured debt such as medical bills, credit card debt, signature loans, and those debts that are not collateralized with people's car, house, or other identifiable personal or real property and receive a financial fresh start.

"We will meet with you in a private and confidential setting and after reviewing your concerns advise you if a chapter 7 plan or chapter 13 plan bankruptcy can provide you with the debt relief that you seek. This free consultation can give you peace of mind", Harold added finally. is well known for its exceptional debt relief services that includes consumer bankruptcy law, bankruptcy debt relief, bankruptcy protection from creditors, debt reorganization, stopping foreclosure of your residence, debt consolidation, stopping repossessions, bill consolidation, bankruptcy chapter 13 reorganization, recovering property from repossession, bringing your mortgage payments current, bankruptcy chapter bankruptcy debt elimination, debt elimination, debt forgiveness, bankruptcy chapter 7 plan for small business, chapter 7, debt relief negotiation, chapter 13 stripping of unsecured second mortgage liens, certificate of judgment lien avoidance and more.

About has 30 years of experience in assisting clients in the successful completion of bankruptcy matters enabling them to receive the Debt Relief that they seek. They have helped thousands in the Dayton/Montgomery county area and also individuals and small businesses located in Clark, Miami, Darke, Greene, Preble, Champaign, Shelby, and Warren. For more info, log on to