Music Video Released - Smile by Zar feat. Farai, Directed by David Garcia

The Music video for the song Smile by hip-hop artist Zar has just been launched.

Online PR News – 02-August-2013 – London, England – London, England, August 02, 2013 -- The Music video for the song Smile by hip-hop artist Zar has just been launched. The video directed by David Garcia is set in a world of warzone where people have to fight to survive on a daily basis.

The story has a special meaning the director explains:
“I wanted to create a world that reflects what the artist has gone through in the last year and what the song is about. Mainly, the tragic murder of Zar's brother Michael and the death of his best friend, Joel, soon after. In the song Zar reflects about the meaning of these and talks directly to God about his attitude towards life from that point on.

"The young kid in the video is played by Zar's youngest brother in real life, Francis. As the song's meaning is so close to the rapper, I strongly felt that having this element of realism during the filming would make the overall product a more touching and meaningful one to Zar and to audiences.

"At the same time I didn't want to just recreate the events narrated in the song literally, but instead come up with a different story that would still complement the lyrics and at the same time acknowledge other issues that are relevant in today's news; things like riots taking place all over the world or the case of Trayvon Martin who the artist felt closely connected to due to the similarity with his brother's case."

About the Director:
David Garcia is both a music video director and a businessman. After graduating from the University of East London in Cinema Studies he created one of the most successful event filmmaking companies in the country which saw him and his team travelling around Europe and even as far as Africa and India. Today, he focuses his attention in directing music videos and on his one-stop-shop style business for commercial work and music promos, 10 Feet Tall.

About 10 Feet Tall:
10 Feet Tall started as an affordable solution for production and postproduction of commercial work and music videos for independent artists or labels. 10 Feet Tall can take a project from its earliest preproduction stages to an edited and coloured product with full comprehensive support throughout without sacrificing in quality. Based just outside of London their prices are competitive mainly by being able to do a lot of the work in house.

David Garcia
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