New design studio opens with a trio of solid brass lamps

DAMM!(Design-Art-Means-Motive)is a new Florida design studio concerned with the wild lands between art and design. They have released a collection of table and desk lighting, exploring three different inspirations with the same material and construction methods.

Online PR News – 02-August-2013 – St. Petersburg, Florida – All three lamps start with a solid billet of Alpha brass. The billet is hand milled to become the lamp base, retaining most of its weight. Then, solid brass tubes are hand formed to give each lamp it's unique personality. Lastly, a solid brass, hand spun paraboloid shade is fitted to the tubes. Each lamp is fabricated, assembled, and finished by hand. The surface is left unsealed to develop a natural patina.

Each lamp uses a 12 volt LED with multiple color temperature and wattage options available. Each lamp has a cloth-covered cord, available in a selection of colors.

Piazza was inspired by a Milanese streetlamp. Noland was inspired by a garden rotunda from a Gilded Age estate. Theorem takes its shape from contemplating the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

DAMM! sells to the trade as well as the public.