Circle Concepts Discuss Latest Columbus Openings

Circle Concepts, Columbus, OH have brand new openings that they are looking to fill.

Online PR News – 02-August-2013 – Columbus, OH – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Circle Concepts, Inc.

Circle Concepts Discuss Latest Columbus Openings

Columbus, OH, August 2013 – Circle Concepts are specialists in sales & marketing but they offer their staff a lot more than active sales training.

“I see people get offered a chance to climb to management in a lot of businesses but unfortunately they usually get tired waiting for a position to open up for them,” commented Kai Petrich, Managing Director at Circle Concepts.

“We have set up a management program that has undergone serious improvements this year. Everyone has an equal chance of getting promoted to a corporate trainer level, then a supervisory level and a management level. The difference in our business is that when they get there, we create the management opportunity for them and bring in a client or pick a national or international city for them to run an office in,” added Petrich.

As well as daily active sales training, the team at Circle Concepts work their way through management workshops that involve theoretical and practical continuous development tests.

The program teaches how to lead a small team, live customer management, public speaking, how to run meetings, motivational techniques, problem solving, recruitment, goal setting, campaign management, sales tracking, critical conversations, and business administration. For the candidates who make it to stage 3, the supervisory role, the program covers how to manage larger groups and multiple teams.

Program completion time varies from 9 months to 18 months but it takes a certain type of individual to persist through the tougher times like with all entrepreneurial ventures.

“My first warning to people who make it through our rigorous three-stage interview process is that it’s a difficult program. A lot of people like the idea of management, but then they get a taste of the responsibility and realize they don’t want to work that hard,” said Petrich.

“You know what? The harder things in life are the most rewarding and when we promote people to the top level, that’s the start of something really special. I got the pleasure of promoting a new manager last week in Springdale, Arkansas. We have seen so much success with the program and it truly is producing some very talented business professionals.”

Circle Concepts are currently in the middle of a recruitment drive, they have openings in sales and marketing and openings on their management training program in Columbus, Ohio.

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