The Blizzard's brand game WOW would improve the new trading system

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Online PR News – 02-August-2013 – Beijing, China – America - People should know that there is no excellent online game like WOW. Most of the online game will more or less contain the element and phenomenon which is that people should use their real money to purchase the virtual props in the game. Although this would be the best and fastest way for game company to making money, it would not give people the good impression for the online game. For example, if people have ever Buy Game Time Cards of WOW in China, they should find that the 30 RMB Warcraft card has not changed during this year. But, today, the editor from website which is the best online seller for WOW CD Keys has got a bad news which is about that people should use the real money to buy in-game props of Warcraft.

According to reports from website, the Blizzard's game developers are considering adding Cheap CD Key the possibility of micro-transaction system. However, the original source of this news is from the Senior Community Manager of World of Warcraft whose name is Jonathan Brown. If people want to know more about this new changing for the WOW, they should browse the website which has been listed before.Jonathan Brown has recently released one Blue posts in the battle net community in the United States, In this blue post, he has said that they are now exploring the possibility of the adding to the function which could let the players in specific areas in the game to direct use cash to buy props and goods through most part of verification. All of these similar improvements will be added into the PTR of this game in the future. With the development of working progress, they would provide with people some additional updates.

The reported from website has also said that the Ultimate Game Card transaction in this game would be only rely on the wow gold although the World of Warcraft players could use cash to buy the necessary things such as wararaft CD key and pets in the official mall. However, the future cash trading system will give players more opportunity to have more trading options. But if the trading system is in this way, how to maintain the economic balance within the game will be the developer's first major challenge which they should face in the future. From the words of Jonathan Brown, the new trading system would be published as soon as possible. However, if people want to Buy Game Time Cards or the cheap CD keys, the website would be the best choice for them.