eCrisper - Internet Kiosk Software With Brain and Beauty

The author of the popular kiosk application Netstop (now owned by Kiosk Logix) has just released eCrisper, a kiosk software application written specifically for Mac computers. eCrisper turns a Mac into a secure public access kiosk. It is ideal for Internet kiosks, Internet cafes, libraries, museums, and information terminals.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – A gorgeous all-in-one computer running the world's most advanced operating system, to Yves Mailhot, this sounded like a perfect solution for public access terminals. This was enough motivation for him to spend the last 8 months implementing eCrisper using Apple's very latest software technologies. eCrisper is fast, reliable, and easy to use.

eCrisper makes it easy to add new languages and because it supports Unicode, it can include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc... It can support free access or require users to login with a user account. Setting up a MySQL user database is easy and inexpensive with most web hosting services. Watch the Guided Tour or download a Free Trial copy.

"Kiosk applications can benefit from the rock-solid UNIX foundation offered by Mac OS X and the elegance and simplicity offered by an iMac. I believe that libraries, museums, hotels, and retail stores should consider switching to Mac for their next generation of kiosks", said Yves Mailhot.

Yves Mailhot has been writing software for over 20 years. He works out of his home office in Ottawa, Canada. His involvement with kiosk software began in 1998 when he wrote Netstop, a popular Internet kiosk application for MS Windows.

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