Social Media Marketing Management for Business Success Strategy Analysis

Analysis of successful Social Media marketing management strategies for business based on research and applied practices.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – Social Media Internet marketing firm provides analysis of Social Media management strategies for business based on study of applied practices that revealed a consistent pattern of success. A consistent pattern that involved three important phases. Phases that include the decision making, implementation and the monitoring processes of a Social Media marketing strategy.

This independent study was performed by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing and relied on direct feedback, independent research and applied practices. To contact Irbtrax about creating, optimizing or managing a results oriented Social Media strategy view their website displayed beneath the 'Media Contact' section of this release or visit:

What follows is a concise over view of a much larger study that took several months to complete. For specific questions about this study you may contact Irbtrax using any of the above mentioned forms of communication.

Phase One: The Social Media management decision process. The decision process was found to be the most critical component to a successful campaign. Among the key findings included the following:

- Implementing a Social Media strategy instead of engaging in Social Media participation. A Social Media strategy involved a plan for obtaining a specific result. Social Media participation often involved creating a Social Media presence without setting a specific goal or planning for a measurable result.

- Engaging in target audience research to determine which Social Media sites they currently visit and how they are using them. This was accomplished through direct communication with existing clients and researching the various Social Media platforms available. Research that analyzing the best matched Social Media sources to determine which optimally meets the businesses goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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Phase Two: The Social Media management implementation process. The implementation process was found to be critical for conserving time and valuable resources:

- Content creation and optimization. The most successful Social Media strategies consistently offered content that appealed to the designated target market. An important note recognized that online content takes many forms. It can be written copy, contained in a video, linked to from another source or included within a customized application.

- Understanding the strengths and weaknesses presented by the chosen Social Media marketing source in order to enhance content optimization.

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Phase Three: The Social Media management monitoring process. The monitoring process was found to be critical to achieving optimal short and longer term results.

- Setting periodic time sensitive goals that are measurable and tangible to determine if any adjustments are required. Adjustments in Social Media marketing are done in real time and as such it was determined to be critical to review them thoroughly.

- Learning what third party external monitoring and tracking resources are available for each Social Media source being utilized. Most third party Social Media tracking sources are free and due to their limitations achieving an accurate measurement often required a combination of three or more sources.

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