Remove It Cyber Bullying Alerts - Empowering Parents

Remove It announced that more and more parents are contacting their offices about how to get Free Cyber Bully Alerts.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – Remove It Cyber Bullying Alerts Empowering Parents

New Orleans, La - On June 8, 2010 Thomas Rothstein announced that more and more parents are contacting their offices about how to get Free Cyber Bully Alerts. Remove It started offering free Cyber Bully Alerts as a part of their launch of the new website and was totally caught off guard at huge number of request for the service.

Thomas Rothstein Marketing Director for Remove It says that he was only expecting a very small percentage of people to reply, but now they have had to expand capacity in order to fulfill the large number of request. “Despite the fact that it’s summertime Cyber Bully is still a major issue amongst teenagers. Many parents are now leaving their teen’s at home during the day, and this is when the majority of the online attacks are taking place.”

Tyronne Jacques CEO of Image Max PR says that all it takes is one lie to spread about your daughter and the end result can be devastating. “We have a term we use call word of mouse, which can be far more damaging than word of mouth. The internet is now the Wild Wild West with no regulations and no Wyatt Earp to protect the innocent.”

There is a movement emerging right now to protect vulnerable teens from vicious anonymous attacks from fellow classmates and social media members. Content posted within sites like Facebook and Twitter can quite often makes its way on to the 1st page of Google. Once on the 1st page the comments from a thread fight can land at the top of the page under your teenager’s search results. Here is the challenge; all of those negative comments about your teen will remain there permanently unless you do something to have it removed.

Cyber Bullying should be taken very seriously and addressed immediately once a parent has discovered that their child is been harassed. Many teens who are the victims of Cyber Bullying simply never report their abusers to parents and school officials out of fear of reprisals from their attackers.

Parents Can Fight Back

The search engines hold firm in their position that they are not responsible for the content posted by a 3rd party. Being that their position prevents them from deleting false information; it is then up to parents to take aggressive counter actions and protect their teens from online slander.

Remove It will teach parents what they do today that will have an immediate impact on the 1st page of their Childs’ search results. Remove It can teach parent how to limit the damage caused by online slander without spending $1000’s of dollars on reputation management.

Remove It is a step by step easy to follow online system that can help parents remove negative links from the 1st page of search results.

For more information on how to receive free Cyber Bully Alerts then please visit Learn How To Remove Negative Articles, Embarrassing Blogs, Damaging Forums, Humiliating Attack Sites From The 1st Page Of Google & Other Search Engines