Introducing REphase Goldie Hand Treatment with Skin Lightener

A triple action hand cream that lightens freckles and sun spots, moisturizes skin at the deepest layer, and rejuvenates hands helping them to look younger and more supple. This is a truly remarkable product with nothing like it in the marketplace.

Online PR News – 11-June-2010 – – True product innovation has gone into the development of doctor-created REphase Goldie Hand Treatment (, 888-580-4650, $55. 4-month supply tube), new from Italy and now available in the US. This triple action hand treatment is greaseless, highly moisturizing and transforms hands in three important ways:

1. REphase Goldie significantly lightens brown spots and freckles, and corrects hyperpigmentation by working to decrease melanin production. Alpha-Arbutin (not hydroquinone), in the correct amount significantly lightens freckles, unsightly brown (age) spots and evens out skin tone. Three university studies show that after 60-days of devoted use, brown spots and skin discoloration appear to fade (see before/after photos). This is reason alone to buy this product!

2. REphase Goldie delays the aging process by accelerating epidermal cell renewal. With ongoing use, hand contour is repaired and the new skin is supple and elastic. Hands return to their natural beauty because of Goldie’s moisturizing, toning, and anti-ageing properties.

3. REphase Goldie moisturizes the skin at its deepest layer. The plant extract, (Haberlea Rhodopenis) AKA the Resurrection Plant, has unique molecules that maintain layers of water around proteins, thereby preserving them throughout long periods of dehydration. With applying Goldie, the skin “drinks-in” the moisture making hands feel smooth, soft and healthy.

Before and After photos taken 60-days apart, show the effectiveness of REphase Goldie Hand Cream. All REphase products undergo 3 clinical studies at the university level. All REphase products are hypoallergenic and use 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients, just a step away from prescription strength.

Directions: Apply to hands throughout the day, at bedtime and after hand washing. Use frequently in winter.

REphase is a new 29-product anti-aging cosmeceutical line from Italy. REphase treats a woman’s skin progressively as she transitions from one “skin-phase” to the next as defined by age, life-style, environment and genetics. There are REphase products to treat skin at every “skin-phase” of a woman’s life. 61010

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