Irish Publishers and Authors Team Up with The Irish Book Review to Bring Irish Book News and Reviews to the US

The Irish Book Review is a new website dedicated to bringing the United States up-to-date information and reviews of the latest and bestselling books from Ireland.

Online PR News – 05-August-2009 – – With co-operation from some of Ireland’s bestselling authors and leading publishers, The Irish Book Review provides not only news and reviews of the latest Irish published books available in the US, but also regular articles on a variety of topics to appeal to all book lovers from the authors.

The Irish in America have long had a demand for the culture and comforts of Ireland, from Irish food to Irish news; however there has not been a platform for bringing information about the latest Irish books until now. The Irish Book Review maintains close connections with the US distributors of Irish published books and the publishers, to
ensure that the latest titles are available to the US audience.

Ireland produces scores of high quality titles in all categories each year, yet these titles gather little awareness across the ocean due to a lack of contacts, and rely solely on word of mouth. The Irish Book Review was created to provide a platform for readers to learn about the latest books, and to build relationships with the media and other outlets, so that the Irish in America don’t miss out on Ireland’s bestsellers.

In addition to news, The Irish Book Review provides a place for lovers of Irish literature and history to learn more, and even connect with the authors. Author participation is a key element of the site, bringing fascinating articles from a variety of writers, such as Tom Mahon, author of Decoding the IRA, and William McKee, author of the bestselling Governor - Inside the Maze. As the list of authors grows, it provides a haven of interest, which is constantly changing and even shedding light on many areas with their exclusive topics. Readers can even contact the authors through The Irish Book Review, to ask questions, and further educate themselves.

The Irish Book Review was founded by Liam Moroney, a Cork born former employee of some of Ireland’s leading publishing houses; Gill & Macmillan, The O’Brien Press and Mercier Press. Following a marketing degree in Cork Institute of Technology, Liam moved to New York in 2008 to work as a marketer for their US distributor, The James Trading Group. According to Liam, "I started The Irish Book Review because, while there is a clear demand for high quality Irish books on true Irish interest topics, there is little awareness, and virtually no access to this information, and the US market deserves better than that."

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