BunkBeds-HQ.com Makes the Search for the Right Bunk Bed Easier and More Fun

Kids bunk beds are arguably more popular than ever, but with so many different styles, shapes, sizes, colors and materials to choose from, and with so many online furniture stores competing for a prospective buyer's attention, finding a suitable product at the best price can present quite a challenge. BunkBeds-HQ.com has been developed with an aim to make that task feel just a little bit less like work.

Online PR News – 10-June-2010 – – There is something about bunk beds that kids are just crazy about. Maybe it's the elevated structure that reminisces of a tree house and brings with it a flair of adventure, a sense of freedom and independence -- a child's uninhibited imagination can quickly turn any bunk bed into a castle, fortress, dungeon, clubhouse, you name it. Or, maybe kids simply love to climb and play on pretty much anything (okay, there's no maybe here). Then again, maybe the little ones love how a bunk bed opens up the space and makes room for some additional furnishings, equipment, toys -- no, wait, it's the parents who love that one. Anyway, whatever the reason may be, the fact stands that bunk beds are considered mighty cool by kids and highly practical by parents -- which makes for one of those rare occasions when the two worlds converge and the decision is made unanimously: we must get one.

But this is where the real work just begins; picking the right bunk bed, namely, can a be a rather complicated affair these days. With so many choices out there, so many different configurations, shapes, sizes, colors and materials to choose from, things can get confusing in a hurry and what should've been a pleasant cyberspace shopping trip may turn into a time-consuming and even frustrating experience: scouring the myriad of websites that sell bunk beds and loft beds, trying to distinguish a suitable product from the abundant supply and then finding all the relevant information and discovering who has the best deal on it -- it can be quite a job, really.

BunkBeds-HQ.com has been designed with the aim to simplify the process and help its visitors find a bunk bed or loft bed that best suits their needs with, well, less toil. Similar in appearance to an average bunk bed store, the site offers an option to browse products by configuration (or size), by price, by manufacturer, or go for one of the popular miscellaneous categories -- these are based on phrases people search for most often, such as low loft beds or bunk beds with stairs. All categories have been compiled by hand -- an actual living person selected each bunk or loft bed and put it into the appropriate section(s). There are no computer generated listings -- which, let's face it, can come out somewhat inaccurate or incomplete.

Condensed product reviews are another strong feature of BunkBeds-HQ.com. Wherever feasible, these are based on user opinions gathered from shopping-oriented sites and online stores. For some products, hundreds of reviews can be found, while for others it's a job discovering a single opinion; in either case, a succinct report that takes into account both good and bad points raised by actual users will save prospective buyers tons of time. Of course, the reviews do also feature basic product details (material, measurements, weight capacity etc.), images, and, let's not forget, prices: a single glance is all it takes for a visitor to find out which of the online bunk bed stores offers the best deal on the given product.

In addition, BunkBeds-HQ.com serves as a comprehensive knowledge base on the subject and among other things features a complete buyers' guide which includes a wealth of information shoppers should be aware of before commencing their search: types of bunk beds, optional items, materials used in production, a survey of supported manufacturers and, last but not least, advice on where to buy with a short review of each of the supported bunk bed stores.

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