WebriQ releases new features and its Domain Registration Manager

WebriQ releases new features and its Domain Registration Manager

Online PR News – 10-June-2010 – – Singapore, June 10th , 2010 -- WebriQ provides a content management system and dynamic portal engine that enables anyone to publish their own website, and that from a simple informative website to a complex multisite and multilingual E-commerce, community or news portal. The platform includes a state-of-the-art CSS Template creation and parser tool, capable of integrating any custom design in to the CMS platform. The entire platform is build on open source software and is made available to end-users through a monthly subscription mechanism.

WebriQ is adding a very useful feature to its content management platform, enabling customers to back-up and restore up to five different versions of the website, including various different Templates and all the content that has been uploaded to the version that is been backed up. And on top of that, you can restore any of the five versions at any given time and that version will be live in a matter of seconds. Beyond that WebriQ is providing an auto backup service for all those who subscribe to the Pro WebriQ version and this every 48hours, and also these versions can be restored to the URL in case customers have not used the manual back up facility.
“This adds a lot of security to our content management platform”, said Philippe Bodart, owner of WebriQ. It allows customers to safely store not only their Design and Template settings but also allows them to safely store and eventually restore all the precious content that has been uploaded to the CMS Platform.

A second feature that is added is the Domain Registration Manager and the Domain Manager– as of today customers can directly register domains from the central page of WebriQ and this at very attractive prices and the domain manager allows you to redirect an existing or new domain to your WebriQ subdomain and also allows you to set-up Google Business Apps applications within your own domain, and setting the MX Type and MX ID so that your e-mails are integrated within the same DNS environment. Amongst other, we support ZOHO e-mail and other ZOHO business applications.

Two WebriQ commercial offerings will remain in the market until the end of Q3 2010.
One special offer is the conversion of your PSD File in to a WebriQ compatible HTML/CSS custom made template and the integration of that Template in to a fully contained online content management system for the price of 200 USD.
A second offer adds a 2 Year E-commerce service, 1 Free Domain registration and 50 e-mail boxes to the Template design and the entire package is priced at 400 USD.

For more information, please contact us at feedback@webriq.com or visit www.webriq.com or www.webriq.net. For all partner inquiries on the S2W program, visit www.switch2webriq.com or www.switch2webriq.net.