Tutor Saliba Playhouses Gaining Popularity Across America

Tutor Saliba playhouses are gaining popularity, thanks to a playhouse appearance on a popular TV show. The design of these houses is based off the popular Tudor style, but the company gets its name thanks to a study nook inside the house.

Online PR News – 05-August-2009 – – NORMAN, OK - The housing market across America is starting to bounce back from the recent real estate slump and with that comes a rising popularity of the Tutor Saliba playhouses. These playhouses are miniature homes designed with kids in mind.

The playhouses are modeled after popular Tudor style homes, but with details that appeal to children and parents. The houses are complete with the traditional slanted roofs Tudor homes are famous for, but get their name because of a special study nook that's hidden in the back of the little house.

"After a recent appearance on a popular reality show, requests for playhouses have gone through the roof. Parents think of these houses as a modern day tree house and are eager to give their kids the same types of memories they had in their own tree houses," said Melissa Williams, president of Tutor Saliba Playhouses.

"Our special Tutor Saliba houses are full of the details parents want, like the special study nook. Parents call us and tell us that they can't believe their kids rush home after school, go immediately into the playhouse and start their homework. We think anything that encourages kids to go home and get their homework done instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer is a good thing," said Williams.

The cost of materials and the plan for a Tutor Saliba playhouse starts around $2000 and can go up to $5000. At the lower price point, customers will need to build the house themselves, but most people find the directions easy to follow, especially since the company provides a dedicated toll free helpline. If customers are looking for a little more assistance, the company will send a local contractor who has been specially trained in building a Tutor Saliba playhouse. The cost of having the playhouse professionally built adds around $300 to the final cost.

It's possible to get the Tutor Saliba playhouses completely wired with electricity and even plumbing for a working bathroom or mini kitchen. Both the electricity and plumbing options are available at an extra cost.

"We've thought of everything in our Tutor Saliba playhouses. We know once a customer places an order, their child is waiting impatiently for their playhouse so playhouses are shipping within two days of an order. The houses will withstand years of use and will be the perfect getaway for backyard slumber parties and study sessions. We know parents and kids alike will love their Tutor Saliba playhouse," said Williams.

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