Tutor Saliba Creator Honored At National Educational Conference

Jeff Saliba, the creator of the tutor saliba teaching method was recently honored at the Teachers' Association of America's conference. In addition to the award, Saliba taught attendees how to help all students succeed in the classroom.

Online PR News – 04-August-2009 – – PHILADELPHIA, PA - Jeff Saliba, the creator of the increasingly popular tutor saliba teaching method was recently honored at the Teachers' Association of America's annual summer conference in Philadelphia with the coveted 'Influential Educator' award. The conference is a way for teachers from across the country to come together and learn new teaching methods and classroom management skills.

Over 5,000 teachers attended the Teachers' Association of America's conference in early July, 2009. The teachers represented each grade level and every state in America.

Teachers at the conference attended workshops led by Jeff Saliba, the creator of the tutor saliba method. Saliba taught attendees how they can make sure all students in the classroom understand the information by using creating teaching strategies along side traditional classroom lectures.

"It was incredibly important to me that I was able to lead a seminar at the Teachers' Association of America's annual conference. My tutor saliba method was born after a tutoring session with a student with learning challenges. As teachers, we all strive to arm our students with the best resources and that includes teaching them in a way they'll understand. My method does just that and I loved being able to share my success in the classroom with other teachers across America," said Jeff Saliba, creator of the tutor saliba method.

In addition to leading workshops on the method, Saliba gave the keynote address and was honored for his contribution to education at the conference's closing ceremonies. The Influential Educator award is an honor given to the person determined to have made the greatest contributions to education in the past year.

The keynote address was titled 'Teaching A Classroom, One Student At A Time' and was an overview of Saliba's method with personal stories from his own classroom throughout the years. After the address, teachers were able to ask questions about the tutor saliba method in a surprise question and answer session.

"Jeff was the perfect recipient for this year's Influential Educator award because of his tutor saliba method. He's shown teachers throughout the country that it's okay for students to not fit into a one size fits all mold in the classroom. His method has revitalized my passion in the classroom and I know he's done the same for all of our conference attendees. Every year, it's our hope that teachers attending our conference go back home with a new enthusiasm for teaching and we know that's happened this year," said Debbie Mohr, president of the Teachers' Association of America.

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