Pacific Outdoor Living Announces a Green Solution to Lawn Maintanance - Synthetic Turf

Pacific Outdoor Living has a green solution using synthetic turf to save the environment and your water bill. Pacific Outdoor Living goes over the pros and cons of fake grass

Online PR News – 04-August-2009 – – Pacific Outdoor Living has a solution to the problem of maintenance on your lawn!! It’s summertime, it’s getting warm and the kids are playing out in the yard, possibly splashing through the sprinklers. This means wear and tear on your lawn, which in turn to you means more maintenance and extra water to keep that lawn of yours looking at its best, or does it?.... Jack’s Turf, a subdivision of Pacific Outdoor Living installs high quality, beautiful, natural-looking artificial turf that is a solution to both your water bill and your gardener’s bill. Fake Grass isn’t what it used to be, now the technology is so advanced it is difficult for you to even tell the difference between artificial turf, and actual living grass. For example, a process known as thatching incorporates different strands of brown turf in order to simulate the dead layers of grass that build up underneath a natural lawn, you can hardly tell the difference!!

So how can this new technology benefit your budget? If you add up all the gasoline from mowing, fertilizer, pesticides, weed spraying, gopher or other rodent killers, and most importantly approximately 56,000 gallons of water per year, the cost of having fake grass installed pays for itself in no time. The government is also adding an incentive on top of this: you may be eligible for $1 for every square foot of artificial turf installed. This means if you have a small area of 10’ by 20’ that’s an instant $200 in your pocket to go towards your new artificial turf!

In the world of sports, artificial turf is taking over. There is no substitute for the longevity, durability, upkeep, and flexibility of fake grass over real grass; it can even be rolled up right after being played on! Weeds, bugs, and rodents are a thing of the past with fake grass. The UV protective coating on the fibers also insures that the color will never fade, and your new artificial turf will last a lifetime.

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