Quite The Steel: New BPA-Free Stainless Steel Baby Bottles Available At Kid-Friendly Prices

A new, Portland, Oregon based company, Eco-Baba LLC, is offering BPA free stainless steel baby bottles which are easy to use and handle, and are certified as safe for kids by CE, FDA, and Intertek. One can buy these best baby bottles from the dealer networks, or online from the company website www.eco-baba.com.

Online PR News – 10-June-2010 – – Parents will go to any lengths to protect their children. From five- point harnesses and safety latches to SPF-75 sunscreen, parents outfit their homes to ensure their children’s safety. More than ever, though, it is the interior “environment” that nurtures their long-term well being. To that end, it is essential that their food and drinks are delivered through safe, BPA free containers. In support of the BPA free movement, a new company Eco Baba LLC, based in Portland, Oregon, is now offering the best baby bottles, and accompanying accessories in the market under the brand name Eco Baba.

These 12-oz. stainless steel baby bottles are free from BPA, liner, and lacquer, are 100% recyclable, and feature safe medium-flow silicon nipples. BPA is the acronym for hazardous organic compound Bisphenol A. Priced at $16.95 each, the company claims these best baby bottles to be healthy and pure, and at the same time, affordable. Stainless Steel Baby Bottles are better than the glass bottles which are brittle, or the plastic bottles which could be toxic.

“We’re just like any parents who simply want the best for our children,” explains Eco Baba co-founders Peter and Tracie Zenti. “When it came to finding the best baby bottle for our kid, the alternatives were questionable plastic containers loaded with phlalates and BPA, or impractical, breakable glass. We had stainless steel water bottles for ourselves and knew that we could create an equally safe and environmentally sound solution for our baby.”

As per the website of the company www.eco-baba.com, these bottles are made from the pure elements like chromium, nickel, nitrogen, and so on. These are naturally resistant to bacterial growth, are dishwasher safe, and promote easy and fast cleaning due to its wide neck opening. Since these are made from grade 304 stainless steel, which is known to be corrosion resistant, the contents of this bpa free baby bottle can be heated by placing it in warm water. The easy-to-hold bottles also fit most warming devices, giving parents ultimate freedom in temperature control. However, the site cautions against heating these in microwave or putting these in boiling water.

To promote the long-term value of each Eco Baba purchase, each bottle is compatible with most wide-neck brand nipples and sippers from major manufacturers, including Avent, Dr. Browns, Green to Grow, and others. Additionally, Eco Baba also offers 2 different sippy spouts, specifically designed to help the transition of your baby from a bottle to a sippy.
The company products are duly certified by the European Compliance Services (CE), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Intertek, making these one of the best baby bottles available in the market. Eco Baba bottles and accessories are available to parents nationwide for online purchase, or through specialty retailers. The online purchases can be made using VISA, MASTERCARD, and PayPal services. The shipping is done using the UPS courier or the US Postal Service (USPS).

Peter and Tracie Zenti parents just like you making a difference. They have created a healthy, durable baby bottle made from stainless steel. The same safe material that’s used for flatware, thermos’, orthodontic braces, surgical instruments, pots and pans, heart stents, etc.…. Non leaching, all natural, healthy stainless steel. www.eco-baba.com Best Baby Bottles | Stainless Steel baby bottles